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Whip Badder & Rosin Concentrate from 111 Ranch!

For $35 a gram you can’t find higher quality at a better price!

Ghost Train Haze – Whip Badder:
High Times magazine crowned Ghost Train Haze as the “Most Potent Strain on Earth” back in 2012. In small doses, GTH has the knack for inducing fits of laughter and sparking creativity. Its fragrance is a delightful fusion of sour, citrus, and pine notes, delivering a pungent and inviting aroma.

Pink Lemonade– Rosin:
Pink Lemonade stands as a sativa-dominant strain with an aroma reminiscent of the sweet and tangy drink, where grapefruit and lemon notes tantalize the senses. Upon exhaling, its flavor transforms into a more pronounced sweet lemon juice sensation. Users often report experiencing clear-headed and focused effects, nurturing curiosity and creativity. While some may encounter a subtle body buzz, many appreciate Pink Lemonade primarily for its cerebral enhancement properties.


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