20 reasons to come to our 420 celebration!

  1. It’s gonna be a party on the grass!
  2. DJ Electro One will be here to pump up the jams!
  3. We’ll have killer food by Island Grind available!
  4. 420 cupcakes at 4:20!
  5. Giveaways Galore – raffle drawings every hour until 5 pm!
  6. We’re having a rolling contest with prizes in 4 categories starting at 2 pm!
  7. Stock up on $4.20 grams.
  8. $40 Half-Ounces
  9. $69 Ounces – yes they really are THAT cheap!  
  10. $10 BHO
  11. Select vendors will be a whopping 25% off!
  12. Our budtenders know how to host a party!
  13. Online ordering means beating the crowds!
  14. 420 is on Saturday this year – you’ve got the whole weekend to celebrate!
  15. You don’t have to leave Kitsap to get these killer deals – more time to 420 blaze it!
  16. New apparel launch – new designs and gear you’ve never seen!
  17. Meet your favorite brands – reps from 7 vendors will be here with schwag!  
  18. We have a massive amount of $5 pre-rolls from Doc Croc!
  19. Oil from Falcanna and Smokey Point will only be $15!
  20. It’s a great time and place to gather in thanks for our great laws in Washington State!

Honestly, how many more reasons do you need?! See you there!