2018’s Most Popular Products

With 2018 coming to a close, let’s reflect back on the products that helped you elevate 2018! What do you think will be the hottest products of 2019? Let us know and together we can make 2019 the best year yet!

1: Our Customers Lit up 2018 with Bic Agate Dreams lighters!

2: When not smoking, they’re vaping. The Agate Dreams vape pen battery was the 2nd most popular product of 2018.

3: Frosted Strawberries from RSO+GO

4: Golden Tangie from RSO+GO

5: Body Melt from THC Express

6: Dutch Haze, Falcanna

7: Beauty Sleep Tincture, Green Revolution

8: Blue Dream, RSO+GO

9: Orange Blossom, Falcanna

10: Jack Herer, Falcanna

11: Mendo Breath, RSO+GO

12: Pacific Blue, Falcanna

13: Double D 100 mg. CBD Capsules

14: Diesel Thai, Falcanna

15: EWOK, Agate Dreams

16: Tangerine Power, RSO+GO

17: Lodi Dodi, Agate Dreams

18: Muscle Melt, Green Revolution

19: Journey Man Fruit Jellies, 10 pack