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5 Reasons Why Baseball and Marijuana Go Together

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]5 Reasons Why Baseball and Marijuana Go Together

             Baseball season has commenced and we think it’s better experienced with marijuana. Baseball has long reflected the values of our culture and America writ large. There is a reason why baseball terminology has become part of our lexicon and the sport is up there with apple pie as something that is quintessentially American. As such, baseball will always fill an important part of our culture and be part of our shared identity.  That being said, let’s talk about baseball and marijuana shall we? But of course!

This spring and summer we humbly suggest the following: smoke some weed and watch some baseball. The two just go together. To convince you, we have assembled these reasons below. Why should you grab a joint and turn your television to our national game? Read below:

  1. Easy to follow: have you ever turned on a movie or television show after smoking and twenty minutes later had no idea what was going on? Of course you have. Well with baseball, this is much less likely to happen. The rules and structure of the game are always the same. There is always a batter, a pitcher, a few umpires, etc. If you want to root for our local team (Seattle), they play over 160 games from April to October (more if they make the playoffs). Chances are there will be a baseball game on any given evening! Just in case, here is a schedule.
  2. The pace of baseball allows for contemplation: some people criticize baseball by saying that “it’s boring” or “too slow.” To those people, we say this: maybe you’re the one that’s boring![i] Turn on the game and ponder the deep questions with your friend.[ii] Baseball itself can provide you with deep questions to ponder. For example, what about this question: what if in each individual blade of grass there was a tiny universe and inside of that tiny universe there was a baseball game and each of the blades of grass on that field also had a tiny universe within? What if we ourselves are merely in the blade of grass of a larger universe? These are the types of things you can ponder while watching baseball. While you are thinking about that, someone might hit a home run. That would be pretty cool!
  3. Baseball games are great for multitasking: This is well known by baseball enthusiasts. In fact, it’s so well known that the professional league allows you to multitask with its app. We’ve written about tips for multitasking/staying productive on cannabis before. Well, put on a baseball game, toke up, and get started on your tasks. Baseball (on the radio or television) requires lower levels of engagement and can help you stay focused better than other forms of entertainment. Try it next time you are trying to be productive!
  4. Weed can help you see the “game within the game:” Baseball is a team game with a lot of strategy and individual competition. Consume an edible, smoke, or vape and you can get in the right frame of mind to appreciate those moments. Is the pitcher going to try and get the batter to chase a breaking pitch in the dirt? Is he going to try and bust him inside with a fastball? When will the team’s speed demon try and swipe a base? Should they bunt the runner over? When should the reliever come in? You can REALLY analyze the game at a micro level. Smoke with a friend, and you and your friend can debate the finer points of baseball strategy. It’s a lot of fun to engage in these thought exercises with baseball, and pot just makes it more fun.
  5. Baseball has good snacks: hot dogs. Peanuts. Cracker jacks. Cotton candy. Are you hungry? Of course you are, you’re stoned. Eat some snacks. Watch some baseball.

Well, what do you think, dreamers? Do weed and baseball go together? Let us know on Facebook. Root, root, root for the home team and toke on dreamers!

[i] Sorry, we don’t mean it! Love you! That’s right you! The person pointing at themselves why reading this!

[ii] Here’s a good one: why is abbreviation such a long word?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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