New Buddies Live Resin & BBrand Flavored Vape Pens!

We now have BBrand and Buddies disposable vape pens now available!

Agate Dreams has just expanded its vaping options with the arrival of Buddies Live Resin disposable vape pens and BBrand Flavored Vape pens. Dive into the world of premium concentrates with Buddies Live Resin, featuring the highly sought-after Space Lemons strain. This extraordinary blend is crafted from liquid diamonds live resin, ensuring a potent and incredibly flavorful experience that captures the essence of Space Lemons perfectly. If you’re craving a burst of fruity delight, our BBrand Flavored Vape pens, particularly the Raspberry variant, are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Indulge in the sweet and tangy notes of ripe raspberries, elevating your vaping journey to new heights. Discover these exceptional products at Agate Dreams and embark on a flavorful adventure today!


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