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Cannabis Topicals: Cannabis 101

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Understanding Cannabis Topicals

Many people think of cannabis solely as a method for getting high, but it’s time to think bigger! Thinking like that will make you overlook fantastic products such as cannabis topicals. While these products won’t make you feel stoned or lifted, they have many fantastic uses.

Flying Dutchman Topicals

What are cannabis topicals?

When someone says “cannabis topicals” they are referring to a broad assortment of products. Any sort of balm, oil, or other herbal essences infused with cannabis oil is considered a cannabis topical. Unlike traditional cannabis consumption, It only affects the area in which it’s applied. There are no psychoactive effects from cannabis topical use.

Why doesn’t it get me high?

The cannabis infused into the topical ointments doesn’t absorb into your body the same way as if you were to smoke or ingest it. Standard cannabis use absorbs the cannabinoids into your blood (through your digestive tract or lungs), where it then passes through your blood-brain barrier to cannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoids acting on your brain cause the lifted or stoned feelings, along with elation, creativity, etc.

Cannabis topicals don’t reach the bloodstream, so they can’t pass through the blood-brain barrier and therefore will not have any psychoactive effects. While the cannabinoids don’t get into your bloodstream, they still can provide a host of benefits by binding to a different set of receptors in the skin.

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Are cannabis topicals right for me?

One of the best things about cannabis topicals is how versatile they are. They still provide many of the positive physical effects that cannabis offers without the burden of psychoactivity. It’s also an excellent entry point for people who are mistrustful or biased against cannabis. Your grandma who’s never smoked a joint in her life is more likely to be receptive to a container of cannabis-lavender infused coconut oil than she is in sharing a bowl. It’s important to remember that while we love using cannabis to get high, many people are not as comfortable with that fact. By exposing them to cannabis topicals, you give them a real world example of how cannabis can help them in their own lives.

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