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Choosing a Great Marijuana Strain for Hiking

Choosing a Great Marijuana Strain for Hiking

So summer is finally here! We can drop the umbrellas for a few weeks and come out of our winter/spring cocoons in an attempt to bask in that beautiful Pacific Northwest sunshine. Is there any better summertime activity than hiking? Of course not! Getting out in nature, enjoying the gifts of mother earth…all of her gifts, if you get my drift! Speaking of, below is a guide for selecting the best marijuana for hiking:

Bet on sativas

As sativas tend to be more energizing, uplifting, and euphoric we would suggest sticking with them and sativa-dominant hybrids for your hiking adventures. On overnights, you may want to bring an indica or indica-dominant hybrid for rest. We’ve got some recommendations for those too!

Get your CBD too

Particularly if your hikes are strenuous, having a strain that is high in CBD will aid in athletic recovery. In fact, we might recommend supplementing your hike with CBD oil or CBD beverages as well just to ensure that you are getting the myriad of benefits that CBD can provide you with before, during, and after exercise.

Be responsible and know the law

Practice good cannabis etiquette. Leave no trace and make sure that you leave nothing that could start a fire. Make sure you bring plenty of water and food! Be careful with dosing, particularly with edibles. Remember, just because you like smoking doesn’t mean your fellow hikers do too. Be courteous and discreet, and make sure you are following the law. If you are hiking in a National Park, you CAN be cited for marijuana use even in the State of Washington.

Our recommended strains for hiking:

  1. Hawaiian Dreamthis sativa crosses Blue Dream and Hawaiian and is known for its sativa buzz and high CBD %. A great strain that will both uplift and relax, perfect for a great day in the outdoors.
  2. Harlequinthis sativa-dominant hybrid is a popular Northwest strain. Due to its 5:2 CBD: THC ratio, this strain is excellent in aiding in pain relief while also providing a boost of energy.
  3. Mango Hazeeverything you want in a hiking weed, particularly if you are a novice user or have a lower tolerance. You can often find Mango Haze at close to a 1:1 CBD: THC With a great fruity taste, the low THC % will allow you to stay focused and control for the desired effect.
  4. Agent Orange – a great, citrusy hybrid that will get you up and moving. You will feel awesome on the trail!.
  5. Cinderella’s Dreamyou will be the belle of the hiking trail with this skunky, lemony, energy bursting hybrid. Don’t let the name fool you, this one packs a wallop.

Hope to see you on the trails and at Agate Dreams plenty this summer! Toke on dreamers!


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