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Choosing Sleep Inducing Weed Strains


How to Choose Sleep Inducing Weed Strains

If you have ever difficulty with sleep issues, you know how much of a struggle it can be. Of course, there are sleeping pills but those come with a host of side effects. That’s where cannabis comes in! Cannabinoids (both THC and CBD) and terpenes work wonders to help you get to and stay asleep. However, some strains are better than others. Follow this guide and soon you will be counting cannabises (cannabi?) as you drift into a state of deep (agate) dreams! It’s time to check out these sleep inducing weed strains:

Keep it Indy

            Just as we suggested in our relaxing strains article, indicas and indica-dominant hybrids are associated with relaxation and sedation.  Sativas are likely to keep you up, so avoid those before bedtime! There also seems to be some evidence that aged flower contains higher amounts of CBN, which helps you sleep.

Myrcene for dreams

            Also, search for strains that are high in sleep encouraging terpenes like myrcene and linalool. These terpenes will interact with the cannabinoids, ensuring that you drift off to dreamland.

Consider Edibles

            While flower will hit you faster, the sedating effects of edibles will last a lot longer. This will be more important for people who have a harder time staying asleep. If using edibles, you will have to take at least a half an hour before bedtime to experience the effects. Some people get around this by smoking and eating an edible together.

Don’t Overdo It

            Consuming too much, or consuming weed/edibles that are too high in THC (especially for novices) might keep you up, cause mind racing, and give you paranoia. All of those are the opposite of sleep! Look for flower with a good CBD ratio as it can aid in relaxation and mitigate negative effects. If you chose to go the edible route, find edibles that have a high CBD count or consume an additional CBD edible.

Some of the Best Strains for Sleep:

  1. Granddaddy Purplethis indica is high in the terpene myrcene and is one of the most popular strains in the Northwest.
  2. Hindu Kush: a pure indica strain named after the mountain range where it originated. Great for aches and pains as well!
  3. Lavenderthis sativa is aptly named as its hints of purple and the smell of… well… lavender…invoke relaxation. Great for full body relaxation that later leads to sleep.
  4. Bubba Kusha very popular bud known for its tranquilizing effects. If you want to feel sleepy, happy, and relaxed give this one a whirl!



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