Dawg Star’s Approach to Premium Craft Cannabis: Tailored Strains and Perfect Curing

At Dawg Star, premium craft cannabis means adhering to strict standards, including a 30-day minimum curing process for a fuller development of flavors, aromas, and potency.

To be classified as a premium craft cannabis, Dawg Star firmly believes in adhering to strict standard 0f a 30 day minimum curing. This extended curing process allows for a fuller development of the plant’s natural flavors, aromas, and potency, resulting in a superior product.

When it comes to strains, Dawg Star takes a unique approach in their selection, ensuring a specific desired effect. Their MIND category includes uplifting Sativa strains, BODY category consists of calming Indica strains, and MOOD category has a mix of hybrid strains to enhance your mood.

MIND – A CREATIVE SATIVA: This category includes Sativa and Sativa-dominant hybrid strains, which are known for their uplifting and energizing effects. Sativa plants typically have a longer flowering time and taller stature than Indica plants. The high from Sativa strains can provide mental stimulation, increased focus, and creativity. The MIND category is perfect for those seeking a cerebral, uplifting high.

BODY – A RELAXING INDICA: This category includes Indica and Indica-dominant hybrid strains, which are known for their relaxing and calming effects. Indica plants usually have a shorter flowering time and a shorter, bushier stature than Sativa plants. The high from Indica strains can provide a body buzz, physical relaxation, and pain relief. The BODY category is perfect for those seeking a mellow, relaxing high.

MOOD – AN UPLIFTING HYBRID: This category includes hybrid strains that are a combination of Sativa and Indica strains, bred to maintain the best aspects of both parents. Hybrid strains can be Sativa-dominant, Indica-dominant, or balanced, and they offer a range of effects to match. The MOOD category is perfect for those seeking a well-rounded, uplifting high that can enhance mood and creativity.

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Local Favorite:
Mood Infused Rosin Tipped Blunt: Wedding Cake 1g

Made from 1G of only the finest quality flower, never trim. Dawg Star uses all-natural tobacco-free tea leaves as a wrap, ensuring a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Our blunts are then coated with strain-specific rosin and dipped in kief, giving them a slow burn and unbeatable taste. But be warned, these blunts are not for the faint of heart – they pack a serious punch!


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