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Dealing With Smell

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            We here at Agate Dreams love the smell of cannabis. It’s wonderfully pungent and the veteran sniffer should be able to pick out the diversity of scents produced by different strains of bud. However, the olfactory gift of marijuana is not always appreciated by everyone at every time. It’s not always the wisest idea to have your home smell like Snoop Dogg’s tour bus. With this in mind, here are some tips to eliminate cannabis odor from your home:


  • Keep your stash in airtight glass jar: there is no reason to keep your marijuana lying around or in a plastic bag. Keeping your weed in glass airtight jars will not only keep the smell contained but you will also get the added benefit of keeping your weed fresh longer. At Agate Dreams we carry the perfect product to hide your stash. The Re:Stash Jars have all the benefits of being airtight and smell proof with the added benefit of a silicone koozie (to block out light) as well as a child resistant lid. Northwest Produced and made with eco-friendly materials, we suggest you guys get a couple to hide your smell and your stash!
  • Febreze and other Odor Eliminator sprays: Your mom was right. When you were a kid, she probably doused your very stinky laundry, sports equipment, and bedroom with Febreze. When it comes to odor elimination, this stuff works wonders after smoking or vaping. Method and Meyers also make great all-natural odor eliminating sprays.
  • Incense: incense has a deep history in the east being associated with yoga, meditation, and cannabis consumption[1]. Its pleasant smell overpowers the lingering smell of marijuana, helps mask the smoke, and is associated with calm and well being. For those who don’t like incense, scented candles, airfreshners, and patchouli will mask the odor as well.
  • Smoking in contained rooms: smoking in a small contained room such as a bathroom will allow for quick elimination of the odor and prevent its spread to other rooms in the house. By using the bathroom fan, running the shower, or lighting a match, you can further dissipate the smoke and the smell and your guests will be none the wiser.
  • Switch to vaporizers or vape pens. Vaping reduces the odor caused by smoking as you are using conduction heating rather than combustion to ingest your product. This will also eliminate odors on your person.
  • Fresh Air: an open window and fan will always do wonders to dissipate the odors caused by marijuana. As nature enthusiasts in one of the most beautiful areas in the world (the Pacific Northwest) we always recommend taking in nature via a walk or an open window and nature works wonders when it comes to getting rid of odors.
  • The MacGyver approach: if you look online there are various different contraptions that people make to eliminate and mask the odors of weed. Contraptions made out of laundry detergent bottles and sploofs made of toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets will create smoke filters that will allow you to enjoy your products relatively undetected. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks, products like the Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter or Sploofy will also do the trick and can be reused.
  • THE NUCLEAR OPTION: An unsuspecting guest can really throw a wrench in your plans. Maybe you don’t really want to talk to your grandma or in-laws about the wonders of cannabis as your living room is filled with the aroma and smoke of cannabis. THE NUCLEAR OPTION is this: throw some popcorn in the microwave and just burn the hell out of it. Yeah it’s gross and will likely result in your smoke detectors going off but that awful smell and smoke will mask just about anything. You ever been in an office where someone burns popcorn? It’s disgusting, but in a pinch remarkably effective in eliminating cannabis odor.


There you have it, folks. The definitive guide to cover up and/or mask marijuana smoke and odor that you can employ the next time you are in need. Have you used any method not on this list? Let us know on Facebook below the link to this article. As always, toke on Dreamers!

[1] Incense would be a great addition to your next 420 Yoga experience![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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