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Edibles and Ingesting – Cannabis 101

What are Edibles?

Even if you’re new to the Cannabis scene, you have probably heard of “Pot Brownies”. Pot Brownies are just one form of edibles. These special brownies are infused with marijuana or a marijuana extract to combine a fantastic high with a tasty treat. Pot brownies are one of the most popular forms of Cannabis edibles, but that’s just the start of list. Marijuana infused edible products come in all shapes and sizes; from drinks and tinctures to cookies and candy bars. Now that recreational marijuana is gaining in popularity and legality the list of available products is constantly growing.

Why are there so many different products and how does it work?

To understand how Cannabis edibles work, first we have to understand how it’s made. When heated and combined with lipids (fats or oils) or alcohol, the THC in the plant binds to the substance in which it was heated. This process is used to make cannabis oils, “cannabutter,” and cannabis infused alcohol. Cannabis infused alcohol is commonly used to create tinctures and other marijuana drinks, while oils and butters are used for baked products and candies. Because of the versatility of fats and oils in cooking, once you have you cannabis infused lipid you can use it to create a “special” version of almost any recipe that require oil or butter.

How is eating a cannabis product different from smoking?

One common mistake with first time edible marijuana users is the assumption that there is no difference between an edible high and an inhalant high. The truth is, consuming marijuana orally creates a much more intense and long lasting high than inhaling. This is because when ingested, the THC in your body is converted to a much more effective form of THC by your liver. While this process typically takes much longer to set in than when you inhale marijuana, the effects can last much longer.

How does this affect how I eat my brownie?

Generally, if you don’t know exactly how and when your chosen product will affect you, then patience is your friend. In most people, it takes 20-90 minutes to start feeling the effects of an edible, but in some people it can take up to 2 hours. If you do end up taking more than you can handle, don’t worry; no one has ever died of a pot overdose and you won’t be the first. If you don’t feel the effects immediately, it’s best to wait it out instead of risking a potentially bad experience. For more info on THC, follow the link to our blog post!