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Ever Wonder Where It Comes From?

Where does your cannabis come from?

Do you ever wonder where your cannabis comes from? Where it was grown and how it landed in Agate Dreams? We wanted to show you just exactly where your product comes from. Washington State is one of the top producers of cannabis in the world and Agate Dreams orders products from all over the state. By sourcing from farms far and wide, our shoppers receive the best selection of cannabis in Kitsap!

Austin & Kat – Seattle, WA
Avitas – Arlington, WA
Bellevue Cannabis – Bellevue, WA
Botanica – Seattle, WA
Craft Elixirs – Seattle, WA
Cyclops – Acme, WA
DNA Gardens – Granite Falls, WA
Doc Croc – Olympia, WA
Doc and Yeti Urban Farms – Tumwater, WA
Double Delicious – Malaga, WA
Evergreen Herbal – Shelton & Seattle, WA
Exotikz – Ford, WA
Freddy’s Fuego Poulsbo, WA
Green Revolution Poulsbo, WA
Green Haven – Darrington & Granite Falls, WA
Growing like a weed Spokane, WA
Klaritie Farms – Longview, WA
Hood Canal Processing Kingston, WA

House of Cultivar Seattle, WA
Ionic Tacoma, WA
Liberty Reach Raymond, WA
Magic Time Farms Elma, WA
Mahoney Greens Tacoma, WA
Mammoth Labs Ellensberg, WA
Millennium Greens Tacoma, WA
Moani Naturals, Arlington, WA
Pura Vida Cannabis Tacoma, WA
Phat Panda Spokane, WA
Puget Power Cannabis, Tacoma WA
Seattle’s Private Reserve – Arlington, WA
Sitka – Seattle, WA
Smokey Point – Arlington, WA
Soulshine – Tukwilla, WA
Rogue Raven Shelton, WA
Snowcrest – Vancouver, WA 
Suspended Brands – Shelton, WA
THC Express – Kingston, WA
Top Shelf – Arlington, WA

Tokém – Suquamish, WA
Verdelux – Bellingham, WA
Virginia Co. – Spokane, WA
Black Label Cannabis (BLC) Tacoma – Port Orchard, WA
Dream City (Pacala, INC) – Port Townsend, WA 
Falcanna (Olympus Horticulture) – Port Angeles, WA 
Gold Leaf (Kokua Services) – Lacey, WA
With It Weed (WITHIT WEED) – Airway Heights, WA
Legit Cannabis Co (Canna Processing) – Raymond, WA
Zoots (DB3) – Seattle, WA 


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We accept Washington State Medical cards.


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Thursday – 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
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15915 State Highway 305 NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370