Extended Anniversary Sale!

We’re not done celebrating our anniversary! We are continuing the sale until everything is gone! Of course, that means the following items are on sale while supplies last, only.

Top Shelf Ounce
Agate Dreams

Available Strains:
Agent Orange, Daytripper, G.S.C.

Indoor Ounce
Agate Dreams

Available Strains:
Agent Orange, BlackBerry, Face Off, Lambs Bread

Outdoor Ounce
Agate Dreams

Available Strains:
G.G.4, G.S.C, Pink Lemonade, PlushBerry, Salmon River OG

Half Ounce (14g)
Agate Dreams

Available Strains:
Agent Orange, Blackberry, Face Off and Koffee Breath

Sale is Valid while supplies last.

Agate Dreams
BHO Concentrate

$15 for 1g

Agate Dreams Pre-Rolls

1g Pre-Roll

Available Strains:
Cherry Pie, Himalayan BB, Rude Boi

Pack of 2 Joints

Available Strains:
Dreadbread, Himalayan BB, Romulan

Tokem Flower

1g for $8
3.5g for $30
7g for $50

Available Strains:
G.S.C, Face Off OG, Rude Boi OG, Space Ghost, White Tahoe Cookies
Warning – May be habit-forming. Unlawful outside Washington State. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana.


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