Float through life…

 Contributed by guest writer: Heather P. | May 22, 2019
It’s annoying when you’re floating down the river with your dog, and all
you can think about is the stress you got. That was me over the weekend. There I
was, surrounded by the beauty that the great PNW is known for, and I should have
been feeling grateful just to be there. No matter what I tried though I couldn’t get
out of my head, which was majorly bumming out my dog.
Most days, I only reach for my weed when I’m already feeling good and want to
enhance my natural chill, but this was an emergency, and I needed something. I got
into my daypack and dug around past Roxy’s toys and treats until I found my stash
box. Before heading out that morning, I’d stopped by Agate Dreams and picked up
some stuff I hadn’t tried before from Trail Blazin’. Irritated with myself for not going
for one of my well-trusted brands, all I could do was pack my silicone bong and
hope this new weed didn’t suck. Within mere moments, I was pleasantly surprised
as my attitude went from anxious and lame to smooth and mellow again.
I’m an Indica person all the way, but I went with Sativa dominant, Strawberry Cough
by these guys because I wanted to stay alert in case I flipped off the raft and had to
swim. Within seconds after my first hit, I looked around at where I was and laughed
with gratitude. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t stuck in traffic or behind a desk but
cruising down a majestic river with my best friend. I busted out the snacks for Roxy
and the sandwich and chips I packed for myself, sat back, and enjoyed the view.
Where everything had a depressing tinge to it before as I contemplated my worries,
now all I could see and think about were the colors of the world popping as birds
sang and the trees gently swayed in the spring breeze. After almost an hour of
floating, we hopped off and hid our raft and everything else in the bushes to hike
back. Knowing it would be awhile before we reached the car and I would have to
drive, I pulled out a Chill Mix pre-roll from Blazin’ and lit it up. The hike lasted hours,
but I had such a good time it went by fast, and soon I was back to the car, sober
and ready to drive.
When I got home that night my whole body was stiff and achy from all that walking
so as soon as I got unpacked and ready for a quiet night inside, I settled into my
couch and turned on a movie. Pulling out a joint from Blazin’s Chill Mix, I smiled as
my whole body started buzzed and my muscles relaxed. Before I knew it, I was
passed out with Roxy right there next to me while the flavorful bud carried me into
dreams of my next big adventure.
Even though I had to get up the next day and get back out there adulting, the
memory of my river trip has fed me the strength to get through all my chores and
obligations. Next time I head out, you can be sure I’ll be packing more from Trail
Blazin.’ I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer because whatever it is, I
know it’s going to be awesome.