Get Lifted with Wedding Cake

Try the famous Wedding Cake by Lifted!

If you have never tried a wedding cake or even been to a wedding, it’s ok, it’s time you get Lifted. People are loving the sweet taste of this smoke and it won’t be around for longer. 

So what did we do? 

Had one of our favorite cannabis connoisseurs to give us some feedback and see what all the rage was about: 

“Truly has what I would call the cake flavor profile when smoking! Has a thick sugary sweet flavor with a small gassy undertone. Very nice scent when freshly opening the jar and still a little sticky when breaking apart the nugs. The blunt was an excellent way to go because of this stickiness. Great way to relax in the sun, giving off an interesting head high, with a little laughing mixed in. Very easy to smoke as me and another friend were able to put down that 3.5g beast to the end. Will definitely buy it again.”

 Stop by and get a 15% storewide today and try some out! 


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