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Glass Bong Care: Cannabis 101

Clean bong


Clean bong

How to Care for Your Glass Bong

So you got your first glass bong, congratulations! The only problem is after a couple of weeks of smoking out of it, it looks like a swamp with bits of burnt weed floating around in the basin. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you make that baby look just like new again! All you’ll need is some water, rubbing alcohol, and Epsom salt (table salt will work if you’re in a pinch).

Step one – Rinse

After removing the bowlpiece and downstem rinse all the gross, old bong water out of it. If it has a percolator, make sure you get the water out of there too.

Step 2 – Salt and alcohol

Now that It’s is all rinsed out and empty, it’s time to clean the gunk still stuck to the glass! Pour some rubbing alcohol in with at least a teaspoon of Epsom salt. The amount of both alcohol and salt really depends on the size of your bong, but you’re going to want enough so that when you shake the piece it will slosh around every part of it. Once you’ve combined the salt and alcohol, cover any hole the  liquid might leak out of with your hands and fingers and give your bong a good shaking. The gunk will start separating pretty quickly, after which you can drain it and repeat the process until all the gross, black, tar-looking stuff is gone. If your downstem or bowlpiece is looking gross too, fill a cup with the same salt-alcohol mixture and dunk them. If it’s only a little dirty you can use a q-tip and the mixture to clean it.

Step 3 – rinse again

Rinse out your bong to make sure there’s no alcohol left in there, fill it back up with water, and you’re good to go. Now your glass is good as new!

Good Bong Habits

Cleaning your bong is a bit of a pain in the ass, so we have a few tips to keep it from getting gross as fast as it normally would.

– Drain the water after every use. A lot of the dirt and gunk that settles in the basin is caused by bong water just sitting in there. If you drain your bong after you use it, it will take a lot longer for your bong to look like it needs a cleaning.

– pour a teaspoon of olive oil in with the water when you’re filling your bong. The oil will bind to a lot of the gunk that would normally end up stuck to the sides, and when you pour out the water, the oil and the gunk goes with it. The video below shows the difference a little oil can make!

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Toke on, Dreamers!



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