NEW! Check out Agate Dreams Solventless Rosin – Hamma Hamma!

Experience a new high with Hamma Hamma Solventless Rosin. Enjoy the terpy flavors and unwind with this indica-heavy extract. Limited availability, so act fast! Order now at Agate Dreams.

Bring your experience to a new high with some Hamma Hamma rosin! This clean extracted goodness makes Unwrapping & Unwinding a breeze. With tons of terpy flavors, you can taste perfection. This indica heavy rosin won’t last long so you better hurry up!

Want to UNWRAP & UNWIND with something different? 

If Hamma Hammas is not for you, don’t worry, we got you covered! We offer a variety of flavors and strains that might pair better with your palate. Not sure what to get, ask our crew to learn more!

$40 | 1G

Available Strains 

Affy Taffy 

Hamma Hamma 

Lemony Snickitz

Ghost Train Haze 

GMO Full Melt


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