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Does Harvest Date Affect Weed Quality?


When you select flower, there is a lot to consider. State law requires a large amount of information to be published on the package. We see the strain, inventory numbers, THC and CBD %, harvest dates, weights, and a whole host of information. Today, we are going to look at the harvest date and whether this is something we should consider when selecting our marijuana.

The fresher the better right?

The harvest date indicates the “freshness” of the cannabis… kind of. Just like a “born on” or manufactured date included on food or alcohol labels, the harvest date is an indicator of exactly what you would expect it to be – when the crop was harvested. However, do not assume that the freshest bud is always the best. After cannabis is harvested it must undergo a curing process, which can take anywhere from 1-3 months depending on the cultivator. Proper drying and curing are essential as the method increases potency, affects the quality and flavor of the smoke, and preserves it for storing. A harvest date can tell you nothing about the curing – it’s just a number.

Does that mean that harvest dates are misleading and therefore useless?

Well, no. Just consider the harvest date to be something you can use (but not the only thing) in selecting a good bud. Ask your budtender follow up questions about the strain in question. Your budtender may be knowledgeable about that particular strain. In addition, you can give the bud a good pinch. If the stem feels like a cooked spaghetti noodle, that bud is TOO FRESH and did not dry and cure properly. If the harvest date was six months (or longer) ago, pinch the bud itself. If it crumbles easily and turns to dust you’ve got some old bud, my friend. While you can’t control what happens to the bud after it is harvested, you can inspect it to ensure that it is high quality.

This doesn’t seem like a very clear answer. Can you just answer the question?

Yes, the harvest date affects the weed quality. Generally, you don’t want weed that was harvested more than six months ago. However, by researching the drying/curing process and subjecting your weed to the pinch test you are likely to know just as much if not more about the quality of the bud in question. Don’t forget to use your budtender as a resource! They work around weed all the time and are a great resource on freshness. In fact, they would love to answer your questions! Come on by and bring your questions. Until then, toke on Dreamers!



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