How else can I save?


Daily Discounts at Agate Dreams

Contributed by guest writer: Heather P. | Jan. 30, 2019


Agate Dreams has rolled out new Daily Discounts and just in time to help us start budgeting for spring and summer activities. Truthfully, I seldom plan. Instead, I practice hopeful spending; it’s where I spend as much money as I think I can and hope I still have enough left over for all my monthly bills. Usually, I’m pretty good at this, but there have been a few times where it’s bitten me. Hard. But 2019 is a new year and this time around; I’ve got a plan.  To save money for what truly matters most to me, my dog (Roxy), travel, and more weed, I’ll try incorporating more fun, free activities with the Daily Discounts happening in the store…. because I’m there just about every day anyway!


Hiking through the woods, along with the beach, or even taking easy nature strolls with Roxy are all free activities I enjoy and are easily combinable with the relaxing consumption of cannabis.  Recently, I’ve been using more concentrates and vape cartridges, and although I like the discretion they bring, I miss the high only brought on by green, sticky bud. What I can do is go into Agate Dreams on 2 for Tuesday or Flower Friday and receive excellent discounts on any flower in the store.


Furthermore, not being able to take my bong with me has been a huge downer. Luckily, Agate Dreams now carries the perfect solution, a small, lightweight, acrylic gadget. Top Puff is exceptionally portable and available for discount on customer birthdays and during special promotions throughout the year. This thing is already so inexpensive though I’ll probably just go pick it up with all the money Daily Discounts has been saving me. With the power to turn any water bottle into my favorite smoking device, not only am I in for a better time outside but I’m also able to reconnect with the awesomeness of the flower high where ever I go, beachside or mountain valleys. There are just as many adventure opportunities as there are amazing deals happening today at Agate Dreams.


With the wide selection of cannabis available and the money I’ll save on buying marijuana, I’m looking forward to figuring out different ways to get high and have a good time without having to spend much.

In addition to exploring the great outdoors of the PNW, some of the other ideas I have include the following; 1. Using CBD doggie biscuits to bribe Roxy to leave the dog park 2. Drinking Agate Dreams’ herbal tea and reading a book in the shade (until I get bored and stream The Walking Dead with my phone,) 3. Trying out some of Agate’s caramel candy from HatSugar and zoning out on my favorite hobby which of course would be adding to rearranging my rock collection.


Those are all the ideas I have so far, but I’d love to hear suggestions from other customers on more ways to save money, get high, and have a good time in the process. 


[1] Be sure you are in an area where it is OK to consume cannabis. Public consumption of marijuana is punishable by law and may result in a $27 fine. 

[2] Never drive under the influence of marijuana. Failure to adhere may result in a DUI.