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How to buy cannabis you can’t see!

Where’s The Window?

What’s with all the flower packaging without package windows to see the bud? Why don’t these brands show off their products? Are they hiding something? As it turns out, Washington State is one of the rare legal markets where the buyer can see the actual bud they’re purchasing – but it hasn’t always been that way. 

Back in the early days of the medical market, it was common to have packaging without windows. In fact, an opaque medical jar was essentially the standard in pre-i502 days. This wasn’t a huge issue for buyers though. Consumers could still view the product in a large bulk jar at the store and have it weighed in front of them before being placed in the medical-grade container. Ultimately, you could still see the bud you were getting before buying, even if choices were more limited than today. 

In comparison, California is a market that historically had no-view packaging and a buying system that doesn’t allow for prior viewing. Some of California’s top brands such as Cookies, Select, and Leafs by Snoop Dogg all come in packaging without windows. Despite having no way to see in, these brands remain some of the biggest sellers in the market and California’s stores are thriving. 

How to Choose Flower Without A Window

The first step might be to ask a budtender. Our crew is here to answer any questions, and usually they can give you a pretty good idea what’s inside the bag. This is our preferred method of learning the ins and outs of a strain.

Maybe you’re not in the store? The next option could be to look it up online. Some brands have descriptions on their websites that can give you a pretty good idea of what you’re looking at, or posts on their social media about the strain. 

Online resources like or can also have good reviews on products, written by regular users. Just make sure they’re talking about the right strain. Like any review system, not all the reviews are checked for authenticity. Sometimes a brand will have their own listings on these sites and this can be a reliable way to learn more about a specific strain. 

Our Experience with Cake Mix 

Let’s take a look at Cake Mix hybrid strain. At first glance, the packaging is eye-catching on the shelf despite lacking a window. We know from taking our budtender’s recommendations that the flower is top quality, and the breeders have a reputation of excellence. On the back of the bag, we found a website listed, and with a quick search, we were able to find their strain description to see what might be waiting for us inside.  

Despite a good first impression, it’s natural to wonder how good the product is if they don’t want to show it off. We decided to dive in and find out for ourselves.

The first thing we noticed after ripping open the bag was the pleasant aroma. Cake Mix has an initially creamy vanilla sweetness reminiscent of Wedding Cake. Right away we could see how sparkly the bud was, without even taking it out of the bag and into the light. These nugs are undeniably covered in tasty Trichomes

As we pulled the buds out of the bag, it only got better. The sweet lemony aroma was pleasant and the buds were fresh and beautifully cured. These nugs were easy to grind for a joint and had just the right moisture content for thick smooth smoke. Ultimately, Cake Mix did not disappoint! 

Final Thoughts…

Something we didn’t expect was the anticipation and excitement that comes from opening a product you can’t see. It might feel counter-intuitive, but our experience has us convinced that bud hiding without a window could be a good indicator of top-notch weed. Of course, you’ll want to use your best discretion. Remember to ask questions, check the web, and learn more about the brand before you buy. 

If it’s on the shelves at Agate Dreams, chances are you’re not going to go wrong – especially with the help of our awesome crew! Never be afraid to ask and happy hunting! 



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