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Hybrids: Cannabis 101

Cannabis Hybrid Label

What are Hybrids?

In the U.S. It’s rare to find any strain of cannabis that is pure Indica or Sativa, which means most of the marijuana you will come across will be some kind of Hybrid of the two. Hybrids are bred in an effort to combine desirable traits from multiple strains into one plant, because of this It is difficult to describe the general effects that hybrids will have. It is very strain dependent, and every strain is different. The popular West Coast strain, Blue Dream, for example, is a cross between Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze. Blue Dream maintains the cerebral euphoric high typical of most sativa, but it also induces a relaxing body high and has a sweet blueberry flavor profile, which is usually found in India. This combination of traits not typically found in the purer strains is what makes hybrid varieties of cannabis so popular.

Want a pure Cannabis experience? Follow the links for details about Sativa and Indica.


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