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Introduction to Kief: Cannabis 101

Grinder with Kief


What is Kief?

Have you ever wondered what’s going on with that fine green dust caking the crevices and corners of your grinder? It might make your grinder look dirty after a while, but it’s not just grime from grinding bud… It’s a potent and valuable product of the cannabis plant!

Grinder with Kief

Kief, sometimes known as Keef or pollen, are actually the crystalline resin glands formed on the tips of the plant’s trichomes. These resin glands contain the bulk of the terpenes and cannabinoids, so it’s essentially the most potent part of the plant. Since the glands are attached to the tips of the trichomes, they often fall off and collect in containers where cannabis is stored. It looks like weed dust, and that’s pretty much what it is; super strong weed dust.

Where can I get it?

Many retailers and dispensaries sell kief as a stand-alone product, but it’s also pretty easy to get from the flower you’re probably already smoking. the easiest way for the average smoker can do to produce their own is to get a grinder with 3 chambers; a chamber in which the herb is ground, a chamber in which the ground herb collects, and a mesh screen that separates the herb collection chamber from the kief collection chamber. Once you have a screen and a kief collection chamber, production becomes effortless. The more herb you grind, the more you’ll get.

My grinder is full of the stuff, what now?

Since Kief is essentially extra potent cannabis dust, it can be used in all the same ways normal bud can and then some. Add a little sprinkle to your normal bowl for an extra strong hit, roll it into your joints to kick them up a notch, add them to your infused baked goods to make them extra special… It’s up to you! Just remember that Kief is much stronger than an equivalent amount of ground bud, so be careful not to go overboard.

Once you’ve kicked your cannabis experience up a notch, tell us about it! What’s your favorite way to use kief? Whether it’s in a joint, blunt, bong, or anything else, tell us about it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you’re looking for some frosty herb to kick-start your kief collection, ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable bud-tenders for a recommendation.

Toke on, Dreamers!



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