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It’s Our 3-Year Anniversary Today!

Thank You for Helping us get to Three Years!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Friday, December 7th

We’re having a huge sale to celebrate! It just so happens that Ounce day falls on our birthday! To ensure you have a chance to get your hands on an ounce, we’re planning to release ounces at 9 am and again at 5 pm! So, if you have to work this Friday, your chances are still good that you won’t miss the sale!

We’ll also have a Photobooth from 10 am to 2 pm to mark the occasion, so bring big smiles. We’ll snap a photo of you and send it to your email!

Read On For More Details!

Friday is Ounce Day!

We’re bringing you two options: Indoor or Outdoor!

Top Shelf Ounce
Agate Dreams

Available Strains:
Agent Orange, Daytripper, G.S.C.

Premium Ounce
Agate Dreams

Available Strains:
Agent Orange, BlackBerry, Face Off, Koffee Breath, Lambs Bread, Narnia

Outdoor Ounce
Agate Dreams

Available Strains:
G.G.4, G.S.C, Pink Lemonade, PlushBerry, Salmon River OG

Half Ounce (14g)
Agate Dreams

Available Strains:
Agent Orange, Blackberry, Face Off and Koffee Breath

Sale is Valid Friday, December 7th while supplies last.

Agate Dreams
BHO Concentrate

$15 for 1g

Vape Cart Sale!

We’re bringing back the Vape Cart Sale in celebration!

Agate Dreams
Distillate Vape Cartridges

$20 for 1g

What a Sale… We’re not done yet!

Read on for more sales!

Phat Panda
Firecracker Pre-roll

1g for $10

Phat Panda
All Flower

15% Off

From the Soil
All Products

60% OFF

Discounted Pre-Rolls!

Agate Dreams Pre-Rolls

1g Pre-Roll

Available Strains:
Cherry Pie, Himalayan BB, Rude Boi

Pack of 2 Joints

Available Strains:
Dreadbread, Himalayan BB, Hindu Kush, Romulan

Pack of 5 Joints

Tokem Flower on Sale!

Tokem Flower

1g for $8
3.5g for $30
7g for $50

Available Strains:
G.S.C, Face Off OG, Rude Boi OG, Space Ghost, White Tahoe Cookies


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