Ounce Day Tomorrow! | Limited $99 Ounces!

Join us for an Ounce Day tomorrow, July 23. Our list of strains is long this week and we even have a limited number of $99 Ounces available while supplies last! See you tomorrow!

$99 Ounces | $60 Half-Ounces
Lemon OG
Blueberry Cookies
Hindu Kush
Lemon Cookies*
Pie Face
Skunk #1*
Berry #1*
*only available as half-ounce

$110 Ounces | $60 Half-ounces
Forbidden Fruit
The Kracken
Super Girl
Kandy Sherbet
Acapulco Gold
Duct Tape
Green Crack

$170 ounces | $80 Half-Ounces
Ice Cream Cake
24K Gold
Chem Dawg
Blue Haze
Durban Poison
Chocolate Chunk