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Kaya’s Koffee Ounces on Sale Until We Sell Out!

Kaya's Koffee: the perfect blend of relaxation and focus.

Starting today, Kayak’s Koffee will be $110 an ounce and $55 for a half ounce! This sale will last while supplies last, so don’t wait, the weekend is coming! Not sure? Keep reading to learn more about this amazing flower!  

Kaya’s Koffee

Kaya’s Koffee is a versatile hybrid cannabis strain, leaning slightly towards Indica characteristics. Created by Pacific NW Roots, it is a cross between Alien OG and Alien Kush (F2). This strain delights the senses with its distinctive aroma of spicy nutmeg and pine, complemented by subtle hints of mint. 

In terms of effects, users have reported a smooth psychoactive buzz that stimulates without overwhelming. Many users experience an enhanced sense of focus, along with relief from mental and physical stress. Kaya’s Koffee has also been praised for its potential to alleviate cramps, migraines, and chronic pain. As a balanced hybrid strain, Kaya’s Koffee offers the best of both worlds, with an approximate 50% Indica and 50% Sativa composition.

When it comes to taste, Kaya’s Koffee offers an herbal flavor profile, with prominent notes of nutmeg and pine, and a spicy-kush aftertaste. The buds of Kaya’s Koffee are round and popcorn-shaped, displaying a vibrant combination of fern-green and violet leaves. Fuzzy gold-trichome hairs cover the buds, lending them a captivating gold and lime-green appearance.


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