LAST DAY! $99 Ounces at Agate Dreams!

Today is the last day of our Throwback Ounce Sale! Select Ounces & Half-Ounces available at a deep discount while supplies last today (3/5)!

$99 Ounces | $60 Half-Ounces
Cuban Linx
Lava Cake
Lodi Dodi
Chocolate Chunk
Strawberry Banana
Golden Lion*
Hawaiian Dutch Treat*
Pink Berry Biscotti*
Himalayan Blackberry
Jack Herer
*Available as Half-Ounces Only

$120 Ounces | $80 Half-Ounces
Ice Cream Cake
Red Delicious
Dirty Little Secret
Greasy Runtz
Purple Punch
Gorilla Glue
Chem Dawg
Milk & Kookies | NEW!
Punch Drunk Ape | NEW!