Experience the Entourage Effect with MFUSED BALANCE

New BALANCE Flavors from MFUSED

Experience MFUSED’s Full Spectrum High CBD Extract, a beloved product rooted in their MMJ heritage. The unique synergy of their full spectrum cannabinoid profiles, known as the “entourage effect,” offers maximum benefits to users.

Entourage Effect: 

The entourage effect occurs when we smoke or vaporize cannabis, allowing our bodies to absorb a multitude of terpenes coupled with cannabinoids. With each compound bringing its own distinct effects and benefits, their interactions within the body can also lead to altered behavior and enhance the medical attributes of cannabis.

This premium extract is derived from high-CBD cannabis, not CBD isolate, ensuring a comprehensive range of cannabinoids. With no artificial additives or flavorings, MFUSED prioritizes purity and quality. Independent testing guarantees the absence of harmful pesticides, providing peace of mind to consumers. Additionally, the product boasts market-leading hardware, featuring genuine CCELL cartridges for an exceptional vaping experience.


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