New Sugar and Sauce from Level Up!

Check out the Face Slapper sugar or the Jelly Moon Pie Sauce from Level Up!

Agate Dreams has just dropped a new addition to their collection: the highly awaited Face Slapper Sugar and Jelly Moon Pie Sauce from Level Up! The Sauce Jelly Moon Pie offers a delectable treat, satisfying your cravings with a touch of sweetness, perfect any time of day. Meanwhile, the Face Slapper delivers euphoric and deeply relaxing effects, crafting a head and body high that you will appreciate. 

What’s more, both of these newcomers come in the form of hydrocarbon extracts. A method known for its efficiency in capturing the full range of compounds, resulting in potent and flavorful concentrates. It preserves the plant’s natural terpenes and cannabinoids, offering a more authentic and robust experience.


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