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New Thursday Flower Line-Up!

New Strains from Mama J’s And High End Farms!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Mama J’s and High End Farms strains, now available with a special 15%* discount today!

Mama J’s Available New Strains

Mama J’s curates top-shelf genetics from renowned breeders worldwide, subjecting each strain to rigorous phenotype selection.

They spare no effort in crafting world-class cannabis products, always prioritizing the consumer’s satisfaction. Commitment to excellence remains as they refuse to compromise on quality. Every Mama J’s product is a testament to their dedication, consistently delivering the finest experience.

Gorilla Butter
Obama Runtz
Peanut Butter Breath

High End Farms Available New Strains

Despite being one of the smallest operations in Washington state, High End Farms growers uphold the principle of quality over quantity. 

With a pesticide-free approach, each plant receives meticulous care and individual training by hand, ensuring constant attention to detail. By closely monitoring trichomes for optimal maturity, they harvest the plants at the perfect time, enhancing flavor and quality. 

Baker’s Dozen
Berry Garcia
Stank House


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