Ounce Day TODAY!

Join us for savings on select Agate Dreams Ounces today (March 4), while supplies last! It’s the first Ounce Day back since we returned to our regular winter hours – we’ll be here until Midnight!

$110 Ounces | $70 Half Ounces
Hawaiian Dutch Treat**
Hindu Kush**
Pink Berry Biscotti
Purple Pineapple Express
Rainbow Flame
Super Lemon Haze
The Golden Gator
**Only available as Half-Ounces
*Only Available as Ounces

$170 ounces | $90 Half Ounces
Chem Dawg*
Gorilla Glue
Ice Cream Cake
Midori Runtz
Purple Punch
Tropical Thunder
Zeker OG
*Only available as Ounces