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Product Review: Body Buzz Cannabis Infused Bath Soak by Green Revolution

Green Revolution – Body Buzz Cannabis Infused Bath Soak

Have you tried a bath product containing both THC and CBD?  These two compounds are often the “yin-yang” in balancing each other out to generate the perfect high.  Creating a subtle buzz complimented by a steady calmness – it’s a bath ritual you won’t be able to do without. Read on to learn more about our experience with Body Buzz Bath Soak.

Product Information

THC: 100 mg

CBD: 40 mg


First Look

Each jar contains 4 oz. of Pure Epsom salts. Two tablespoons in a hot bath does the trick, so this little jar will provide multiple rounds of relaxation.  Not only is this product infused with THC and CBD, it also has eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. The essential oils create an exhilarating smell, and also help aid in relaxation.


How it Felt

As you run a hot bath, add a couple of tablespoons to the hot water. The salts dissipate quickly but leave behind a tranquil smell.  After a good 20-minute soak, your body will be left with a high from the THC as well as a relaxed and pleased state of mind from the CBD.


These two compounds together work like yin and yang balancing each other out in a way that you get the best of both worlds.  CBD has non-intoxicating effects that help ease anxiety and relax your body and mind, while THC produces the high that we all know and love. Since the THC is balanced with the unwinding and calming effects of CBD, this bath soak is soon to become a favorite night time (or any time) ritual.


THC in the form of a topical is a milder way to create a soft high because it is absorbed through the skin. Expect a subtle buzz and relaxed state of mind for about 2 hours. Or better yet, take a bath before bed time and doze off into a dreamy sleep.


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Soak on Dreamers!


-The Dream Team


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