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Smoking Game: Celebrate the Big Game by Smoking a Super Bowl

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Smoking Game: Celebrate the Big Game by Smoking a Super Bowl

            On February 4th, millions of Americans will tune into NBC at 3:30 PST and watch the big game. There are a million reasons why someone might watch the game. Maybe they like football. Maybe they like commercials. Maybe they don’t like either but like to pretend they do. Anyway, we aren’t judging. However, we do have an idea. What if you were able to turn the event into a smoking game? Don’t marijuana and the big game go together like peas and carrots?

We gave you some ideas for smoking games before. So those are pretty cool, but they have nothing to do with football. We here at Agate Dreams set out to create a smoking game specifically for football! Ready to check it out! Here it goes:

Take all the people who are playing and divide them into two teams. It’s Eagles vs. Patriots so decide which team corresponds with which football team. Every player needs a pipe and plenty of flower (you could also use a vape pen if you prefer). The rules are simple, see below.

Pack a bowl pass it to the other team when:

Your quarterback gets sacked

Your team gets a penalty

Your team is losing after the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Quarter


You take a hit when:

Your quarterback throws an interception

Your player loses a fumble to the other team

Your team’s kicker misses a field goal or extra point

The opposing team blocks your punt

Your team’s coach loses a challenge


You give a hit to someone on the other team when:

Your team successfully kicks a field goal, scores a TD, or scores a safety

Your coach successfully wins a challenge

Your team recovers an onside kick

Your team has a quarterback that throws for 300 yards, a running back that rushes for 100 yards, or a receiver that gets over 100 yards receiving (2 hits each)


So if you follow the rules for this smoking game, you should be feeling pretty good! Even if you aren’t a football fan, you will have a great time playing this game. You ready for the big game? Well if you stock up at Agate Dreams you definitely will be! As always, smoke responsibly. This game is designed for a smooth, even buzz. Toke on Dreamers![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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