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Spooky Strains for Halloween

It’s October, which means two things: Halloween is near AND it’s that time of year when we start to get our hands on new strains from the summer cannabis crops! Croptober is a staple of the industry! It’s a great time to sample and test different phenos coming to market. For us, October means the Halloween decorations go up and the hunt for fall & winter strains is on! All this fall-themed celebrating has us thinking about how to make the most of All Hallow’s Eve with our favorite bud. So without further ado, here are some Halloween-themed strains for a ghoulishly good season!

Frankenstein – Cultivated by Avant Gardens

Also known as Dr. Frankenstein, this strain is a heavy 80% Indica-Dominant Hybrid. Frankenstein has a pungent skunky aroma as well as frosty vibrant green buds and wild red hairs – a color palette to match its namesake! With abundant myrcene terpenes throughout, the taste of mango and citrus will be buzzing your palette. If you’re looking to stay in and watch a scary movie this Halloween – Frankenstein might be the monster Indica for you.

White Widow – Cultivated by The High Point

White Widow is a classic strain that has been around for many Halloweens. This 50/50 hybrid originally came from the Netherlands, from its original breeder Green House Seeds. White Widow brings a mix of Brazilian Sativa and South India Indica. This mainstream strain has been the parent to Blue Widow, White Russian, and White Rhino. No need to spin a web to catch this strain, we’ve got White Widow waiting for you on our shelves!

GHOSTED (Also known as Ghost OG) – Cultivated by DNA gardens

This very colorful flower, with highlights of green, yellow, and purple, has a far from ghostly appearance. Ghosted is a 70% Indica-Dominant Hybrid and has moderate to high levels of THC topping out at around 24%. With aromas of heavy lime and a dominant Limonene terpene profile you can get your citrus fix with this one. A cross between Afghani Indica and OG Kush – this is the perfect strain for Jack-o’-lantern gazing.

Now that you’re ready to get your haunt on, it’s time to grab the candy bowl, start up your favorite monster flick, and enjoy these wicked good Halloween themed strains from Agate Dreams. Happy Halloween, Dreamers!


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