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Spring Big info for the Agate Team

Hi Agate Dreams Team,
As some of you may know Agate Dreams has moved to a new text messaging service, Springbig. We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know why we chose this service and how it benefits our customers.


A bit about Springbig:

Springbig was essentially created as a communication tool for the cannabis industry.

As customers sign up on or by using the QR code on the handout cards they will be asked to create an account. Eventually, when the program is up and running at full steam they will be prompted with several questions like customer interests and favorite products to help us narrow down their preferences. 

This will help us as marketers gain information that is specific to each customer. Then we can send a specific deal to customers who prefer dabs to edibles, for example. Targeting allows us to reach customers without spamming them. 

Ability to send images, not long messages

One of the best features of Springbig is we now have the ability to send images instead of long text messages. Essentially, we’ll use this platform to let our customers know about sales, news, and products. The customers that sign up will receive this information first. To the left is the first one we sent out last week.

Future loyalty options 

While we’ve moved away from loyalty programs for the moment, there are some excellent integration tools we can use with Krona down the line. This might come into play in 2021, it’s still in development. Right now, we’ll leave these on the back burner.

Some of these features include:
● connect with your POS to offer seamless loyalty integration
● the ability to offer multiple reward options per point tier
● create status levels (bronze, silver, gold, etc.) and reward each status differently
● ability to be on your customer’s phones
● easy check-ins at the register, very little additional effort to the check-out process

All in all, we are very excited about this new service. This is a direct communication line to our customers and will allow us to share what’s going on at Agate Dreams. Let us know if any customers have any questions we can help with. We’re here to support you! 
– Your social media / marketing team at Malolo

We accept Washington State Medical cards.


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