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Staying Home with Agate Dreams!

We’ve heard it a lot lately: we’re living through unprecedented times. Some of us though, are spending our social distancing in states with legal cannabis and that’s a gamechanger. Staying home means finding things to do – and Agate Dreams is here to help. Pair a normal stay-at-home project with cannabis and you’ve created an experience worth staying home for. 

New Hobbies

Everyone and their mother’s uncle are learning how to make sourdough these days but that’s not the only in-home related hobby out there. Enjoying cannabis and food together seems like a natural pairing. Try exploring new recipes, or host a video chat cooking show for your friends. Getting creative in other ways around the house can help the time go by faster too. Why not pick up that old guitar that’s been collecting dust, or try your hand at watercolors? No matter your brand of self-expression, everyone needs help getting the creativity flowing – come talk to one of our great budtenders! 


Would you rather spend your time escaping to a different world? Maybe working from a home office all day has you frazzled and ready to let off steam. Video games and board games can be a good option to help make your four walls seem a little less small and catch up with friends while you’re at it. Games genres like the super popular life simulation & farming games pair well with an Indica strain or edible for the peaceful pace of gameplay. Classic online FPS games pair well with friends and a Sativa hybrid. Even board games are online now with services that let you host a long-distance game night.  

Binge Watching

Maybe you’re ready to just plug in and tune out – we get it. Everybody needs some good old screen time now and again. Whether you’re revisiting old favorites or starting the latest trending series, there’s a cannabis strain out there to match. We are living in the golden age of streaming and picking something to watch can be as overwhelming as walking into a cannabis retailer for the first time. Luckily, we’re not the only ones looking for something to watch. Whatever you settle on though, get ready to spend some serious time on the couch with a good strain for Agate Dreams.


What cannabis products have you enjoyed with your stay-at-home experience? Share with us on social media and stay safe, Dreamers! 


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