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Strain Spotlight – Neville’s Haze


Neville’s Haze from Sweet As

THC: 22.21%
CBD: 0.12%

Reviewed by Blue Boy


Profile of Reviewer: Blue Boy is a 32 year old male, prefers Sativas, is a self proclaimed “light weight,” and typically prefers to unwrap and unwind at night.  As a connoisseur of intellectual enlightenment, Blue Boy is usually looking for a high that opens his eyes to the magic of the universe. Whether that’s deep in thought, with his nose in a book, listening to music, or hanging out with friends – the altered state he is after is one of elevating experiences and tapping into the perspective of his mind’s eye. Flavor and looks are less of a factor than the over-all high achieved, however silky smooth smoke is a bonus!



The smell was fresh and clean, yet pungent. Great nose with a slight skunk on the tail end.


The Smoke was very smooth which seems to be the characteristic of bud from Sweet As. The smokability get’s a rating of “very smooth.”

The High:

When smoking Neville’s Haze you will want to have an activity planned to get the most out of this bud. I tried this flower on three occasions: once before happy hour, a second on a date, and the third while trying to read.

While the bud does promote creativity, you won’t want to make it a night-in. Unless, that is the night-in consists of physical activity with a significant other. In which case, you will experience heightened sensitivity, both in your senses and, to the needs of your partner. Each touch will send vibrations of energy throughout your being. But, be warned: that energy will touch your soul… So, proceed with caution.

The high is energetic with a slight hazey head, hence its namesake. Going out and having a good time, whether dancing or just conversing with friends – makes for an even more enjoyable night. However, when trying to curl up with a good book the haze takes over and makes your eyes heavy.

If you’re looking for an energetic high that will promote activity give Neville’s Haze a try and let us know what you think!

Toke on Dreamers,
Blue Boy[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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