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Strain Spotlight: Maui Waui from Suspended Brands


Experience the North Shore in the Northwest: Maui Waui

Maui Waui

THC: 17.50%

CBD: 0.10%

Total Cannabinoids: 18.30%

Scent: skunky, sweet citrus

Taste: sweet, citrus

This week we’re spotlighting Maui Waui, a Sativa dominant strain from Suspended Brands. Suspended is a local producer/processor known for their consistent quality as well as their wide variety of flower and extracts, so we were excited to try more of their fine bud!


First Look

Suspended’s Maui Waui came in small, vibrantly green buds with a few red hairs here and there. The trichomes were visible, but they didn’t look all that crystalline (That doesn’t mean that the weed isn’t potent, as mentioned in our trichome blog post). The buds weren’t too dense, so they broke up in our grinder quite easily. It is one of the skunkier sativas we’ve encountered, but hints of sweet citrus were still present in the smell as we were loading it into our bowl.


How It Smokes

Though the bud smelled extremely skunky, it tasted more like you would expect a Hawaiian strain to taste; tropical with sweet hints of citrus. The high set in fairly quickly, around two to three minutes after we took a bong rip. As expected of a Sativa, the high felt euphoric and energetic. After about forty-five minutes, when the high felt like it was at it’s peak, we still felt very functional and “in-the-moment.” The high we experienced from Maui Waui was perfect for a day outside or tackling a creative project. We did get some munchie cravings when the high was at it’s peak, but nothing too overwhelming.

Now that you’ve heard what we think, we want to know what you like about this bud! Try Maui Waui for yourself and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. For more info on Suspended Brands or any other product we carry, visit our website.



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