Tag: Munchie Monday

Edibles Brands

It’s Munchie Monday!

We’ve got all the sweetest edible brands at Agate Dreams! Try any of these delectable vendors and treat yourself to 15% off all edibles every

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Illuminations Hard Candy

Munchie Monday Candies!

This Munchie Monday, try these vegan gluten-free hard candies by Illuminations. Illuminations is part of the Verdelux family of edible confectionaries. These hard candies are

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Fast Tabs

A riddle for you…

What counts as part of CBD Sunday AND Munchie Monday? It’s Fast Tabs! Fast tabs are the newest addition to our shelves. Learn more about

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Sweet June's

Sweet June’s is back!

These popular sweet treats from Smokey Point Production are back on our shelves! Ready to indulge in this tropical getaway packed in a gummy? Enjoy

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