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The Agate Dreams Gift Guide According to Candy

            Hey Dreamers! Welcome to our 2nd Annual Agate Dreams Guide to Holiday Shopping! This year, we enlisted the help of Candy to pinpoint the products customers are dreaming about finding in their stockings and under the tree this year. Rather than fight with someone’s grandparents over a TV in a big box store, come on down to Agate Dreams! Bring your list, we will check it twice and.. yeah we don’t know who’s been naughty or nice… sorry! We do know cannabis and great gifts though, so we suggest you check out these products:

Honu Edibles  Candy says, “All Honu edibles are delicious. Just pick a flavor. It will be good!” These award winning and delicious edibles are the perfect stocking stuffer or a fun addition to a holiday party. With flavors like Orange Dreamsicle Bar, Milk Chocolate Toffee Crunch, and Blackberry Lemon, we promise our Honu products will tickle the receiver’s taste buds as they sail off on a sweet green journey.

Agate Dreams flower and vape cartridges – Our very own cartridges and flower are absolutely flying off our shelves. With a commitment to both quality and value we’re bringing in a wide array of flower that will meet the needs of any discernible (or indiscernible) doobie dude. Trust me, Agate pays me the big bucks to write this, and I am enjoying an Agate vape cart as I type this (getting my sativa on, amigos). Guess what!? Both will be on sale again this Friday!

Muscle Melt Gel – “It works so good and it has a pump, so you don’t have to worry about wasting it. With some of the other topicals, people go through it too quickly because they don’t have as much control,” says Candy. Green Revolution’s Muscle Melt Gel is amazing for pain relief, and if you pick some up you will find out why. With CBD, THC, and a host of other natural ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, you can treat those aches topically with a great warming lotion. And, like Candy said, with their new pump-action bottle, you can waste less product,

Trail Blazin’ Party Packs (Trail, Dance, and Chil Mix) – Candy says, “With four (4) different strains in each package, there’s a strain for everyone at the party. The Dance and Trail Mixes have Sativa Diva Strawberry Cough – my favorite. The Chill Mix has 9 lb. hammer – knock you down – They gave it the right name, let me tell you!” Forget about mistletoe, the real green everyone will be talking about at your next holiday party is your pack of pre-rolls! With a selection that is sure to please, you will be able to dank the halls the way you always wanted to. NOTE: Agate Dreams isn’t responsible if anyone kisses you because you gave them a pre-roll. Especially Santa Claus.

A Bath Time Escape – “Sit in the tub for 15 minutes and you’ll get out feeling like a rubber band!” For the best results, whether you’re looking for rehab or just a soothing night cap, Candy recommends mixing THC Express’ CBD Ginger Peach Bubble Bath  with Green Revolutions’ Body Buzz. This way you get all the benefits of bath salts and a nice bubble bath in one session. You will feel great about giving the gift of relaxation!

SPP Shatter Joint – “The most bang for your buck!” Candy relates that she couldn’t believe how long this lasted between her and her husband. Maybe for some of the people on your list, this is a one-session kind of product. However, for her and her husband they were able to get 4 sessions out of one joint! Candy adds, “It burns nice and Lodi Dodi is the way to go!”

Pax Era and Phat Panda Pods – “I like it – It’s light, hits good, it’s smooth, you can control the temp, and you can play games! I haven’t played the games yet, but it sounds fun! And, they have Strawberry Cough Phat Panda Pods – My favorite strain!” Also available in pax pods from Phat Panda: Creamsicle, Fire OG, Grandaddy Purple, Mango Super Silver Haze, Gorilla Glue, and as Candy mentioned: Strawberry Cough.

Double D Green Crack Vape Cartridge – Candy says that this is perfect for you and your special someone, “It’s euphoric and uplifting… I call it honeymoonitis relief.” We’ll leave it at that. If you don’t catch Candy’s drift, just ask!

Agate Dreams Vape Battery – Candy’s take: “This is a great battery and the charge lasts a long time! They’re going to need a battery to make sure they always have Green Crack on the ready when they get honeymoonitis!” This is a 1100MAH 510 threaded battery that includes a USB charger. It’s so easy to use, that there are only 3 steps in the directions: 1.) Charge before first use, 2.) 5 clicks to power on/off, 3.) 3 clicks changes the voltage. It’s that easy and it’s an easy stocking stuffer!

Agate Dreams Apparel – Do you know someone that loves the Northwest, Cannabis, ocean life, and maybe even sasquatch?  Cool, but do those same people also wear clothes? Well of course they do! Human beings have been wearing clothes for warmth, protection, and modesty for over 150 years! Rather than wear an old potato sack or something, your friends and family members should be wearing our totally awesome gear instead! It is (as the kids say) lit, fam!

Thank you and Happy Holidays from Agate Dreams! Toke on Dreamers!


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