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The Ocean Is Calling, and I Must Smoke

Contributed by guest writer: Heather P. | March 14, 2019

There’s a negative stereotype floating around about all cannabis consumers being “stoners” who
are lazy, Netflix bingers glued to couches across America. Although it may be true for some of us, like
me, it’s time to switch up the narrative and prove them all wrong, and with the weather finally picking up
there’s a new window of opportunity.

One of the beautiful things about being in this part of western Washington is our easy access to the Puget
Sound, not to mention all its lakes, rivers, and the mighty Pacific Ocean. But if you find yourself short on
cash or short on time this Spring and you still want to find a way to enjoy some quality smokin’ time by
the water, Agate Dreams is the place to go. Carrying countless varieties of weed by multiple companies,
the shop is looking out for its customers by seeing to every craving, desire, and budget. Usually, I don’t
like to go cheap, especially when it comes to my weed but I get the more inexpensive stuff from Agate
Dreams because they’ve never let me down.

Right now they have these awesome prerolls from their very own Tokem Cannabis that have the power
to get you super high and at a price so low, you owe it to yourself to try them. They’ve also got other
delicious options from producers such as TopShelf, Green Revolution, Doc Croc, and tons more but those
happen to be my personal favorites when I’m feeling thrifty. Don’t get me wrong, Agate Dream’s upper
shelf blends are fantastic. I like to get stuff like The Real Wedding Cake from Exotics and pretty much
anything from Freddies Fuego here and there when I can swing it, but the bottom line is this: If you are
looking to save, you shouldn’t ever have to sacrifice your high to save a few bucks. You deserve better
than that, we all do! Especially when we’ve got other plans for our money, like fishing gear, bait, and
picnic food.

No matter what you get up to this spring, make sure you take advantage of our free, natural surroundings
here in the PNW as well as the awesome daily deals at Agate Dreams. Doing so will not only feel good,
but it’s also going to show the world that not only are we not “lazy stoners,” and we also happen to be, in
fact, economic geniuses.

Ok, that last part might be a stretch but whatever, I still rest my case.

Happy Tokin’