The time has come! 420 is right around the corner and we want you to celebrate with us!

What we have lined up for 420:
Rolling Contest! at 2:00 –
Join us on 420 to crown the best Joint Rollers in Kitsap!
Take home the title of one of our 4 categories.

Most Creative – Got cross J’s down? How about the Dutch Tulip or the L? Were looking for new and creative “art piece” joints that will make people ask “how is that possible?”

Best of Show – Going for quality! If your J’s look like pre-rolls, this is the contest for you!

Largest – Go Big or go home! We’re looking for the largest joint you can roll!

Fastest – Bring your speed! Quality and Speed will be judged to earn the title of the “Fastest” in Kitsap.

Papers, trays, crunches and green (not cannabis) will be set up at Agate Dreams. The contest kicks off at 2:00 PM on 4-20-19 at Agate Dreams. Stay tuned to for more details.

Music by DJ Electro One  – From 2:00-4:30PM
Free Schwag for first 420 customer
Raffle drawings every hour until 5PM
Food By – Island Grinds        
420 cupcakes at 4:20
Killer Deals $69 Ounces – $4.20 Grams and many more 
New Apparel
Stay tuned as more announcements are made!
Toke on Dreamers!