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T’was the Night Before Weedmas

T’was the Night Before Weedmas

T’was the night before Weedmas, when all through the store

Not a creature was stirring, not even a boar,

The products were placed, displayed with great care,

In hopes that the Dreamers, soon would be there.


The tenders were home, so snug in their beds

While visions of edibles danced in their heads.

The customers with their flowers, and their vape pens,

Watched comedies on Netflix in their home dens.


The moon shone down on serene Puget Sound,

A beautiful silence, there was no one around

But somewhere nearby, our  pal’s blowing clouds,

For it was he – we knew, who had the dopest of loud.


Outside in the woods, a great bubbling noise,

As our large companion tried out his new toys.

You could tell by the sound that echoed out to the sea,

That the one taking bong rips was our friend Doo B.


He coughed and he smiled, for on this great night,

He knew very soon that Santa wouldd take flight,

And after he was done, delivering his toys

He’d stop on by to visit his boy.

While Santa loves cookies, on the stops in between,

He’s also been known to partake in the green.

After he makes his runs, and the children get gifts

Saint Nick will punch out on the end of his shift.


When he is done, he makes it a point,

To see his old friend and perhaps split a joint.

While Santa spreads his generosity and love,

He’s thinking about Doo B from way up above.


Tomorrow the children will spring up awake,

While Kris Kringle and Doo B. will likely get baked.

While Christmas as a day will eventually end.

Santa and Doo B remind us, love lives on with each friend.


Toke on Dreamers,

Unwrap and Unwind this Holiday Season!




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