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8 Best Cannabis Products for Washington Winters

Living in Washington during the winter can be rough. Day after day of gray, rain, snow, and wind would leave anyone feeling gloomy and ready for the sunshine. If you’re feeling the beginnings of cabin fever, we’re here to help. Being cooped up isn’t so bad when paired with your favorite strains and the bleak outdoors look a little more inviting with the help from your favorite bud. Below are some of our favorite products for the perfect winter indulgence.

Looking for hibernation?

Are you a fan of going into hibernation mode when winter comes? Bring on the heavy Indicas.  From flower to edibles to concentrates, we have a wide range of to Indica-dominant products to help you melt into your couch or catch up on those zzz. Flower not your style? Try Green Revolution’s Beauty Sleep Tincture.

Looking to get outside?

In need of some extra motivation to #getoutside and do a few things? Try a Sativa-dominant product! Sativas are the name of the game when it comes to staying productive. We find the Sativa dominant products pack the right kind of punch to get you moving and grooving.

Looking for a smoke-free environment?

Sometimes the winter weather makes it very difficult to go outside and smoke a bowl. If its blowing sideways rain out we recommend diving into your edibles stash. Agate Dreams offers a wide range of edibles from favorites like Spot, Wave, Flav, Green Revolution and more. Whether you’re looking for something to add to your hot cocoa or a tin of winter mints, we got you covered.

Its football season!

Are you hosting any big football watch parties this season? We know there’s nothing better than passing a joint around but you’ll need enough to last the whole game…Bring on the Dub Tub! 7 grams of pre-rolls and 7 grams of loose flowers is enough to last well past half-time. Step it up with a bong toke or take it easy with a pre-roll, you have both options with the Dub Tub.

Wake & bake! 

Late sunrises mean dark mornings. If you’re looking to go back to sleep or start your day off in the right state of mind, a good old classic wake and back can pair well with the inky blackness of PNW winter mornings. Hit that vape pen or take a bong rip and pair it with a warm drink in our Wake & Bake Agate Dreams mug to start your day a little brighter!

Early nightcaps

Looking to hit the hay early? A nice ol’ Indica dab can get your eyelids drooping like a 1950’s cartoon character. Good rest in the winter can be key to having the motivation to get out of bed when it’s dark. At Agate Dreams, we have an ever-expanding concentrates collection on our shelves. With favorites like Freddies Gold, Rogue Raven, RSO GO, Raven Grass, Double Delicious, and Hood Canal concentrates, we’re sure we’ve got something to fit your needs.   

Coffee, lots of coffee!

It’s a well-known fact that Washington coffee intake in the wintertime skyrockets. Okay maybe not a fact, but we do look to coffee to keep our spirits high and our energy levels higher. It’s in our blood in the great PNW. If you’re looking to pair that sweet blessed brew with cannabis, we suggest edibles or tinctures like Pure Distillate from Double Delicious. Choose from Sativa, Hybrid or Indica – 100 ML of each are included in the pack. Its mild flavor pairs well with any warm drink! 

Taste of summer

Looking to get into a warm-weather state of mind? How about something that reminds you of summer? Try a tropical-style strain like Tropicanna Cookies – one of our favorites with lush tropical flavors. Tropicanna cookies has tangerine and citrus notes backed up by a smooth cookies flavor. Expect purple buds that have hints of dark green with orange hair. Ask a budtender to find the perfect vacation-worthy strain for you.


With all these tips and tricks in your back pocket, we hope our long winter is looking a little less dismal. We’ll see you in-store soon, Dreamers! 


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