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We Tested the Top 5 Edibles to make Infused S’mores with!

Nothing says summertime quite like making s’mores over the backyard fire. That’s why this month, we decided to try our hand at finding the best edible to make grown-up s’mores with! We asked three budtenders to taste test and rank s’mores made with the classic marshmallow and graham cracker combo, replacing the standard chocolate bar with something infused for 21+ s’mores roasters and the results are in! 

First Place: Peanut Butter Cups from Honu

S’more made with a peanut butter cup from Honu Edibles.

Flavor: If you are a peanut butter cup fan, then these chocolate peanut butter cups from Honu are the way to level up your s’more. These cups were just the right ratio of chocolate to peanut butter to make a great treat! We did learn that the height of the cup can make them a little challenging and opted to cut them in half to make them fit between the graham crackers better.

Melty-ness: 5/5, the chocolate was soft and easy to melt.
Is it a s’more? Yes! 

Second Place: Milk Chocolate Toffee Minis from The 4.20 Bar

S’more made with 4.20 Mini Bar

Flavor: Tasted like a regular s’more, the toffee chunks in the little bars didn’t stand out when combined with marshmallows and graham crackers. This is the way to go if you want a classic s’more flavor. 

Melty-ness: 5/5, just the right amount of gooey.
Is it a s’more? Yes!

Third Place: Dark Chocolate Espresso Bites from Ceres

S’more being made with a Ceres espresso bite.

Flavor: If you’re hoping for a coffee-centric s’more, these treats might let you down. While the s’more itself was tasty – we didn’t feel like we could taste enough of the espresso when it was smothered in marshmallows. We also noticed a strong aftertaste and think that maybe melting the chocolate made the cannabis oil stand out more.  

Melty-ness: 4/5, it took some pre-heating by the fire to help the chocolate melt.
Is it a s’more? Yes! 

Fourth Place: Dark Raspberry Bon Bomb from Verdelux

Flavor: We thought s’mores made with these raspberry chocolates had potential, but when we tried them they were just too fruity. The raspberry flavor came through too strong. It tasted good, but not like a s’more. It would be great in a bowl of ice cream though!

Melty-ness: 2/5, these guys just did not want to melt. We could get the outside gooey but could not get the inside melted – which threw the mouthfeel of the whole s’more off. 
Is it a s’more? No, not melted enough to be the gooey goodness of a good s’more. 

Fifth Place: Sour Apple Gummies from WYLD

An unfortunate s’more made with WYLD Sour Apple Gummies.

Flavor: We’ll be honest – we knew this probably wasn’t going to work. We had to give it a shot though! Turns out, fruit snacks with marshmallow and graham cracker is not a winning combination. The textures were all wrong – but we’re glad we tried!  

Melty-ness: 2/5, it sort of melted…but not in a good way.
Is it a s’more? No, but we’re not surprised.  

Tips, Tricks & Final Thoughts

We learned a lot from this little experiment and we thought we’d share some final thoughts. When dealing with bigger edibles, it’s easier to cut them in half before melting them. Splitting an edible between s’mores was a good way to have more treats without going overboard on the dose. We also found that pre-heating them by the fire helped to melt some of the more stubborn treats. Most of all, while trying a new flavor had potential, it turned out the classic flavors are classic for a reason. Sticking with a good easy chocolate is a sure-fire way to end up with a good s’more. 

Note: Be conscious of the dosage and amount of edibles you consume if you decide to try infused s’mores – it’s easy to go overboard quickly when making yummy snacks. Take it slow and remember to spend some time between treats. The effects of consuming an edible can take hours to manifest. Please consume responsibly. Remember to keep edibles separate for 21+ roasters only.


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