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What is Rosin? A Guide For the Curious Potential Dabber

What is Rosin? A Guide For the Curious Potential Dabber

             We understand, especially for those who aren’t dialed in to the cannabis market or not entirely up on trends, if you don’t know what rosin is. However, that’s why we are here to explain such things to you!Rosin is exactly like the other extract/concentrates on the market (sometimes nicknamed shatter, wax, honeycomb, crumble, budder, etc.) with one major key difference: it’s made with out a solvent (such as butane oil or BHO).

            Rosin is extracted by applying heat and pressure to squeeze the resin (sap) out of cannabis plant material. What is produces is a yellow sticky flavor bomb of cannabis goodness and potency that can rival it’s chemically extracted cousins but without the necessary cleaning/purging to remove the solvents involved in other processes. When comparing rosin to other extracts, they will appear the same and have similar potency, aroma, terpenes, and flavor. However, rosin will have no left over/residual solvent parts, however miniscule they may be.

            Just like any other concentrate, you can use it for dabbing or whatever else you were using prior. However, rosin is the only extract that will only have 100% flower product as it’s end result. The process is so straight forward that you can actually look at sites that show you how to produce rosin at home, but we’d recommend you try the high-quality rosin we have right here at Agate Dreams! Come ask our knowledgeable budtenders to point you to this product. If you are new to concentrates, we sell dabbing rigs or our budtenders could give you some tips to explore the world of rosin.

            Hope that was helpful, Dreamers! With the holidays coming up, we remind you to check out our holiday gift guide for any last minute gift ideas. Happy Holidays and toke on Dreamers!


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