What’s the Deal With RSO?

What’s the  Deal With RSO?

We’ve talked about Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) a few times before, but felt it warranted a deep dive. Invented by Canadian cannabis activist Rick Simpson (it’s not just a clever name), RSO is an alcohol-extracted form of cannabis oil used for it’s medicinal and non-medicinal properties.

What’s the difference between RSO and other oils?

RSO is created by reducing whole plant materials in grain alcohol following a relatively simple recipe to create an oil heavy in terpenes and cannabinoids. RSO was originally made from indica-dominant strains resulting in a larger percentage of THC (up to 90% THC) and a relatively low amount of CBD. However, vendors have started making RSO from a variety of strains to take advantage of the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpene profiles. Since the extraction method uses the whole plant, the resulting oil is molasses-thick and packed with the healing and therapeutic compounds of cannabis.

How is RSO used?

It depends. RSO can be used topically for various ailments, medical conditions, as well as aches and pains. It can also be ingested, albeit usually in very small amounts. Due to its heavy concentration of THC, it is not recommended that you use it for dabbing. If ingesting, it is recommended that you start with a dose the size of half a grain of rice. It is often sold in a plunger to allow for careful and measured dosage.

Can I make my own RSO?

Physically, yes. However, one should use caution because the chemicals often used in the extraction process can be toxic and there are dangers involved. Also, it is illegal to perform any type of cannabis extraction (including RSO extraction) in Washington State without a license to do so. There are several reliable vendors of RSO which you can find right at Agate Dreams!

Is it a miracle cure all?

At Agate Dreams, we don’t give medical advice. Such conversations should be had with your medical professionals. While there have been some interesting studies and stories about the benefits of RSO, we’d suggest you use a healthy dose of skepticism with anecdotal evidence about the benefits of anything cannabis related or otherwise. That being said, if you are looking for an extract with a full terpene profile that is highly potent (and relatively inexpensive), RSO definitely fits the bill!

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