• Feb 15


    This is not a drill. We've got phone ordering available! Call 360.598.9333 to place an order! Phone orders are available from 9am-9pm. Only the caller may pick up the order and must have a valid ID. Caller must provide a +

  • Feb 15

    Mahoney Greens in the house!

    Mahoney Greens will be in store from 1 to 4 o’clock. Get 10% off all Mahoney products while they’re here! +

  • Feb 14

    $99 Ounces are back!

    Treated your boo, now treat you. $99 Ounce Days starting Friday! Select $99 Agate Dreams ounces available thru Sunday while supplies last! Blueberry Cookies (IH) 19.5% Bruce Banner (S) 31.3% Daytripper (S) 26.1% Fruit Ribbon (H) 23.32% Gorilla Glue (H) +

  • Feb 14

    Last Minute Valentine?

    Need a quick Valentine idea? We've got you covered. Come grab a pre-wrapped Valentine bouquet or bundle while they're still here!  +

  • Feb 13

    Melt with the snow!

    Are you ready for The Great Melt™ 2k19? We are, and we've got the wax deals to help you celebrate! Get 15% all wax today! +

  • Feb 12

    Are you ready?

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got you covered with all the best gifts. Come pick out a one-of-a-kind bouquet of treats or from our selection of already wrapped Valentine bags: Sweet Heart Deal $25.79 THC Express Massage +

  • Feb 11

    Open for Munchies!

    It's Munchie Monday! We're open and ready to get you 15% off our entire edible selection! If snow is falling, make sure to call the store ahead of time: 360-598-1315 +

  • Feb 10

    Surviving Snow-maggedon?

    Looking to reload supplies? We'll be open today (2/10)! If snow is falling make sure to call the store ahead of time: 360-598-1315 Happy Snow Day! +

  • Feb 9

    Goodbye Honu...

    Honu Edibles are headed out, come grab the last packs while they are still here!  +

  • Feb 8

    We're closing at 2 o'clock!

    Stay safe out there Dreamers, we're closing shop early today. If you’re snowed in, we might be too. As a reminder, the best way to find out if we’re open, give us a call at 360-598-1315 +

  • Feb 8

    Vendor Day Snowed Out!

    Doc Croc will be rescheduling, stay tuned for updates! Need to stock up for the storm? We've got you covered: Snow Deals!  +

  • Feb 7

    Snowed in?

    Snowed in? Snow Problemo! We’ll be honoring all 4 daily deals, every day, through the weekend. That’s right! Stock up for the storm with 4-in-1 daily deals now through Sunday, the 10th. 15% off All infused drinks All flower All +

  • Feb 6

    Waxy Wednesday!

    All wax is 15% today! Keep warm by adding some crumble to your joint! +

  • Feb 5

    We're Open!

    Come warm up with us through this cold snap! We're open again! +

  • Feb 4

    Snow Day!

    Agate Dreams is closed until further notice due to nasty weather. Stay safe out there Dreamers! See you soon! +

  • Feb 3

    Meet Soulshine Cannabis!

    Soulshine Cannabis is visiting Monday, Feb. 4 from 3-6pm. Come get 10% off all Soulshine while they're here! +

  • Feb 2

    Meet Hood Canal Processing!

    Meet the new-to-our-shelves, local Hood Canal Processing. This Dutch Treat Cookie Crumble comes in at a whopping 88.1% cannabinoids. Come check out all our new concentrates!     +

  • Feb 1

    Big Game Deal!

    Have you seen the size of these Big Game Joints?! 3G joints for $20 Now thru Sunday while supplies last! +

  • Jan 31

    Thirsty? We've got you.

    New shipment of our infused drinks is in just in time for Thirsty Thursday! Get 15% off all infused beverages today! +

  • Jan 30

    How else can I save?

    Daily Discounts at Agate Dreams Contributed by guest writer: Heather Purser | Jan. 30, 2019   Agate Dreams has rolled out new Daily Discounts and just in time to help us start budgeting for spring and summer activities. Truthfully, I seldom +

  • Jan 29

    This ain't yo mama's joint...

    New on our shelves - Joysticks by Green Revolution! These joints meticulously blend multiple strains to finesse your smoking experience. Paired with a specially designed filter, and this is one of the smoothest joints in our shop. Made with the +

  • Jan 28

    Dirt Nasty by Wicked Weed

      New to Agate Dreams, Dirt Nasty by Wicked Weed is a Super Lemon Haze X Recon hybrid grown in Spokane Washington. +

  • Jan 27

    Let's hear it for lazy Sundays!

    Every Sunday, we've got all our CBD products 15% off! Come check out our wide selection of CBD options, we'll find your perfect match! +

  • Jan 26

    Have you seen Bryan's new favorite toy?

    We've got a new menu in-store AND online so you can stay up to date with what's on our shelves! +

  • Jan 25

    Angel Cake by Mahoney Greens

    Up close with Angel Cake This hybrid strain comes from Tacoma-based Mahoney Greens and was recommended by budtender Bryan. Learn more in-store while they're still here! +

  • Jan 24

    Make your own bliss...

    With our daily $120 ounces it's easy to make your own bliss, no white sandy beach required!  +

  • Jan 23

    What's NEW at Agate Dreams?

    Keep up with the latest strains here or in-store with our budtenders! +

  • Jan 22

    Treedom Vendor Day!

    Treedom Productions will be in-store with goodies and 10% off all Treedom products tomorrow! Wednesday, January 23 From 3-6pm! +

  • Jan 20

    Lunar Munchies?

    How are you celebrating the lunar eclipse tonight? We've got you covered (pun intended) with tons of CBD products for 15% off! +

  • Jan 19

    Saturday? More like Shatterday!

    Princess Gorilla Killer by Cyclops Get 15% off all Shatter today in store! +

  • Jan 18

    Sour Diesel by Trail Blazin'

    Up close with Trail Blazin's Sour Diesel This well-known strain was recommended by budtender Bryan and is a sativa-dominant named after its diesel-like aroma. Learn more here! +

  • Jan 17

    $99 Ounces are back!

    This weekend only starting Friday, select Agate Dreams ounces will be $99 while supplies last! Available Ounce Strains: Agent Orange Day Tripper Dutch Treat GSC (Girl Scout cookies) Jack Dawg Half ounces will also be available for $60! Available Ounce +

  • Jan 16

    Meet Green Revolution

    Come say hi to Green Revolution! Today from 3-6pm, get free schwag AND 10% off all of their products! +

  • Jan 15

    Two for Tuesday!

    Two for Tuesday is back! Buy one flower and get the second for 20%* *Up to 14 grams of equal or lesser value, Agate Dreams bud excluded.  +

  • Jan 14

    Get your snack on...

    It's Munchie Monday! Get 15% off all edibles like these treats from Honu, now at Agate Dreams. +

  • Jan 13

    Bryan's here to remind you...

    Don't forget! Starting in 2019 we've brought you all the best daily deals: +

  • Jan 12

    $120 Every Day

    Did you forget? No of course not, how could you with news this great! Agate Dreams ounces are $120 every day! +

  • Jan 11

    Purple Punch by Mother Earth Farms

    Purple Punch is the sweet and sedating union of two indica-dominant classics. By breeding Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, the astonishing trichome laden Purple Punch was born, smelling of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool-Aid. The potency of this +

  • Jan 10

    We hit the Jackpot!

    Shiny new Jackpot vapes hit our shelves and have us feeling like a million bucks! Ask a budtender for the right strain for you! +

  • Jan 9

    It's Waxy Wednesday!

    It's Waxy Wednesday! Come visit Agate Dreams and get 15% off all wax every Wednesday! +

  • Jan 8

    It's 2 for Tuesday!

    Did you hear the good news?! It's 2 for Tuesday! Buy any one flower, get the second 20% off! *Up to 14 grams of equal or lesser value. +

  • Jan 7

    Liberty Reach Glow-Up!

    Have you seen the new Liberty Reach jars?! They're sporting brand new holographic (and can we say mesmerizing) labels! Don't worry though, it's the same bud we've come to know and love from Liberty Reach. Look for them on our +

  • Jan 6

    A Sunday Treat...

    Treat yourself to this Sundae Driver #10 this Sunday!  This superb bud comes to us from Exotikz and is highly (no pun intended) recommended by budtender Bryan. New to Agate Dreams, Sundae Driver #10 is an 80/20 indica dominant hybrid. This crossover +

  • Jan 5

    New Year, New Perks!

    Let's start the new year off on a good note: We've got select discounts!  +

  • Jan 4

    Daily $120 Ounces?!

    You heard correctly! New DAILY $120 Agate Dreams ounces! +

  • Jan 3

    The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis

  • Jan 2

    New Daily Discounts!

    We're ringing in the new year with new daily discounts! Agate Dreams house brand is excluded from all the daily deals especially Two for Tuesday and Flower Friday +

  • Dec 31

    2018's Most Popular Products

    With 2018 coming to a close, let's reflect back on the products that helped you elevate 2018! What do you think will be the hottest products of 2019? Let us know and together we can make 2019 the best year +

  • Dec 30

    Blue Cookies from Freddy's Fuego

      Blue Cookies  =  Girl Scout + Blueberry 60/40 INDICA HYBRID The dense resinous nugs of Blue Cookies break open revealing a sweet and spicy aroma with floral hints complimented by candy. The flavor stays with you long after exhale as you feel a +

  • Dec 28

    What is Rosin? A Guide For the Curious Potential Dabber

    What is Rosin? A Guide For the Curious Potential Dabber              We understand, especially for those who aren’t dialed in to the cannabis market or not entirely up on trends, if you don’t know what rosin is. However, that’s why +

  • Dec 27

    Infuse Your New Years Party

    Infuse your New Year with Infused joints! Someone once said, "Why get drunk when you can get baked!?" Those are wise words. With infused joints, you'll have no problem sharing with the whole party! +

  • Dec 26

    Baby, It's Cold Outside!

    Hot chocolate is just what this time of year calls for! To make it even more special, add peppermint! Like Candy said in our gift guide, "Everything from Honu is delicious!" And, this peppermint chocolate is from... Honu! +

  • Dec 25

    We're Open Christmas Day

    Merry Christmas! We are open Christmas Day to ensure your Christmas is merry and filled with joy! Ask a budtender how to keep the holidays jolly! +

  • Dec 24

    Grab Last Minute Gifts During these Hours!

    Looking for last minute gifts? We got 'em! But make sure you know our hours before stopping by! +

  • Dec 23

    Candy's Last Minute Gift Guide for Smokers

    Trail Blazin’ Party Packs (Trail, Dance, and Chil Mix) – Candy says, “With four (4) different strains in each package, there’s a strain for everyone at the party. The Dance and Trail Mixes have Sativa Diva Strawberry Cough - my +

  • Dec 22

    Candy's Last Minute Gift Guide for Vapers

    Pax Era and Phat Panda Pods - “I like it - It’s light, hits good, it’s smooth, you can control the temp, and you can play games! I haven’t played the games yet, but it sounds fun! And, they have +

  • Dec 21

    Candy's Gift Guide to Topicals

    Muscle Melt Gel – “It works so good and it has a pump, so you don’t have to worry about wasting it. With some of the other topicals, people go through it too quickly because they don’t have as much +

  • Dec 20

    Candy's Last Minute Gift Guide to Edibles

    Honu Edibles –  Candy says, “All Honu edibles are delicious. Just pick a flavor. It will be good!” These award-winning and delicious edibles are the perfect stocking stuffer or a fun addition to a holiday party. With flavors like Orange +

  • Dec 20

    The Agate Dreams Gift Guide According to Candy

                Hey Dreamers! Welcome to our 2nd Annual Agate Dreams Guide to Holiday Shopping! This year, we enlisted the help of Candy to pinpoint the products customers are dreaming about finding in their stockings and under the tree this year. +

  • Dec 19

    Ounce Day is Friday, December 21st!

    Just in time for the Holidays! Ounce Day is this Friday! Agate Dreams $99 Indoor G-13 Jack Dawg Blackberry Headband Agate Dreams $79 Outdoor Pink Lemonaide Sale Valid Friday, December 21 thru Sunday, December 23. While supplies last. +

  • Dec 19

    Mahoney Greens Vendor Day!

    Thursday, December 20th 3 pm to 6 pm Save 15% on all Mahoney Greens products during the event! +

  • Dec 19

    Bellevue Cannabis Vendor Day!

    Friday, December 21, 2018 4 pm to 7 pm Save 15% on all products from Bellevue Cannabis during the event! Come down and meet the people growing this awesome flower!   +

  • Dec 18

    Christmas Sale!

    Give the Gift of... Cannabis! Are you trying to figure out last minute gift ideas? Well, if you have someone on your list over the age of 21-years, we suggest you give them the same thing you would want: Cannabis! To +

  • Dec 16

    Smokey Point Productions Vendor Day

    Save 15% on all Smokey Point Productions' products during the event!   Wednesday, December 19 4:20 pm to 7:10 pm Here's Some information about Smokey Point Productions from their website: WE LIVE CANNABIS We live, love, and believe in cannabis. +

  • Dec 14

    Agate Dreams BHO Crumble On Sale thru 12/16

    Our very own BHO crumble is on sale this weekend! Agate Dreams BHO Concentrate $15 for 1g Sale Valid thru Sunday, December 16th While supplies last. What is Crumble, you ask? Crumble is a Butane Hash Oil (BHO) that has +

  • Dec 14

    Agate Dreams Distillate Vape Carts On Sale

    Looking for a smooth, distillate vape cart to get you through the holidays? Look no further! Our very own Distillate Vape cartridges, in partnership with MFUSED, are just what you need to vape your way through the holidays! It makes +

  • Dec 13

    'Tis the Season for Honu!

    There is something about the holidays that just calls for candy. When it comes to edibles, it's hard to find an infused treat that beats the likes of Honu! This holiday season treat yourself, or a loved one, to the +

  • Dec 12

    A NEW ERA... The Pax Era!

    Discover the new Pax of Vape with the Pax Era! SLEEK. REFINED. POWERFUL. This compact vape pen is feature rich with the ability to control your flow. Check it out, now in store! +

  • Dec 11

    Extended Anniversary Sale!

    We're not done celebrating our anniversary! We are continuing the sale until everything is gone! Of course, that means the following items are on sale while supplies last, only. Top Shelf Ounce Agate Dreams $120 Available Strains: Agent Orange, Daytripper, G.S.C. +

  • Dec 10

    The Real Wedding Cake from Exotikz

    Not to be confused with your sister-in-law's wedding cake... Exotikz doesn't use any of that chocolate or vanilla frosting nonsense... These nugs are frosted with grade-A trichomes! Total THC: 21.9% Total CBD: 0.09% +

  • Dec 9

    Phat Panda Featured Strains

  • Dec 8

    Top Shelf!

    Check out this video! Then, reach for the Top Shelf. +

  • Dec 8

    It's Our 3-Year Anniversary Today!

    Thank You for Helping us get to Three Years! We couldn't have done it without you! Friday, December 7th We're having a huge sale to celebrate! It just so happens that Ounce day falls on our birthday! To ensure you have +

  • Dec 7

    Outdoor vs. Indoor Bud.

    Not sure if Indoor is right for you? Bryan discusses the difference in this video! +

  • Dec 6

    More Anniversary Sales!

    New Sales Announced for Friday, December 7th! Phat Panda Firecracker Pre-roll 1g for $10 Phat Panda All Flower 15% Off From the Soil All Products 60% OFF Agate Dreams 1g Pre-Roll $5 Available Strains: Cherry Pie, Himalayan BB, Rude Boi +

  • Dec 4

    Your Favorite Vendors Coming to Agate Dreams!

    We're scheduling all of your favorite vendors to come into Agate Dreams so you can meet the people behind your favorite brand! Here's who is on the upcoming schedule: Exotikz Wednesday, December 5th 4:20 pm to 7:10 pm Liberty Reach +

  • Dec 4

    3-Year Anniversary this Friday!

    Celebrate our Anniversary! We're turning 3-years old on... Friday, December 7th We're planning a huge sale to celebrate! It just so happens that Ounce day falls on our birthday! To ensure you have a chance to get your hands on an +

  • Dec 2

    Meet Falcanna!

    Join Us & Falcanna! Friday, December 14, 2018 3pm to 6pm Falcanna vendor days are a crowd favorite! You may know and love their products. However, if you've never been to one, one of their vendor days you'd better plan +

  • Dec 1

    Meet Top Shelf

    The producers of Top Shelf will be in the house for a Vendor Day: When: Wednesday, December 12 4 pm to 7 pm   Where: Agate Dreams, duh! +

  • Dec 1

    The Social Platform for Cannabis

    Cannabis now has a place on social media! Follow us on this Instagram style app just for Cannabis. Facebook and Instagram may have the popularity, but when it come to cannabis it's not always apparent whether or not it has +

  • Nov 30

    Tokem Vape Cart Sale

    Vape Cart Sale This Weekend! These vape carts from Tokem have quickly become one of our most popular items in the store! We're putting them on sale again this weekend! Guess what? Agate Dreams is the only place you can +

  • Nov 30

    Abra-Ca-Cannabis the Winter Blues Away!

    With our 3-year birthday (Anniversary)! +

  • Nov 29

    Meet Exotikz!

    Vendor Day Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 4:20 pm - 7:10 pm Brought to you by the Jungle Boys, the producers of this highly requested brand will be here at Agate Dreams. Come down and say hello! +

  • Nov 27

    Agate Dreams turns 3-years old!

    Celebrate our Birthday (aka Anniversary) on the day we turn 3! Friday, December 7th, 2018 Sales and Swag will be released in two waves, so if you have to work that day you (hopefully) won't miss out on the deals! +

  • Nov 27

    Muscle Melt Gel - Now Available in Pump Action!

    Muscle Melt Gel, Infused Warming Lotion from Green Revolution has been a crowd favorite at Agate Dreams for nearly 3 years. Recently, Green Revolution updated their packaging and our resident topical expert, Candy, is thrilled. Candy says, "The pump action +

  • Nov 25

    What is the Delta-9 Cannabinoid?

  • Nov 25

    Kallisto Sea Salted Caramels

    New to Agate Dreams: Kallisto Sea Salted Caramels! +

  • Nov 23

    Vape the Rainbow!

    Pick up a vape cartridge to finish out the long weekend! Tokem Distillate Vape Cartridges .5g for $15 1g for $25 Sale Valid: Wednesday, November 21st thru Sunday, November 25th. *While supplies last. +

  • Nov 22

    Happy Danksgiving!

    We're here until 5:00 pm for all your last minute needs! +

  • Nov 21

    Get Ready for Danksgiving!

    Cannabis has always been about sharing. So, it wouldn't make sense to have the sales on Black Friday. Give thanks, because we are bringing you Green Wednesday with these sales: Ounce Agate Dreams $99 Half Ounce Agate Dreams $60 Available +

  • Nov 20

    Wash down the turkey...

    Thirst Quenchers are 15% off on Green Wednesday! +

  • Nov 20

    Ounce Sale this Green Wednesday!

    $99 Ounces and more sales on Green Wednesday - This Wednesday, November 21st, 2018! +

  • Nov 20

    Open Limited Hours this Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving Thursday, November 22 9:00 am - 5:00 pm     +

  • Nov 19

    Green Wednesday is November 21st!

    Green Wednesday: Set the mood for holiday cheer! There is a problem with Black Friday that we need to talk about: What happens if the sale item would have made Thanksgiving extra special? Like in the case of cannabis... Well, we +

  • Nov 19

    Green Wednesday Magic

    Want your Thanksgiving to be a Smash? Katelyn has just what you need this Green Wednesday! 15% OFF Thirst Quenchers, Wednesday, November 21st, 2018. *While supplies last! By now you're probably wondering, "Does Katelyn know magic?" Come into agate dreams +

  • Nov 18

    What is the Delta-8 Cannabinoid?

  • Nov 17


  • Nov 16

    Breaking News: Social Media is For Advocacy!

  • Nov 16

    From the Soil Vendor Day

  • Nov 16

    New Vendor!

    Exotikz is our newest vendor, now available! A Jungle Boys Exclusive!         +

We accept Washington State Medical cards.

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Sunday 9AM-10PM
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Poulsbo, WA 98370
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Warning: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgement. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults 21 and older. Keep out of reach of children.

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