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420 Yoga


Do Marijuana and Yoga go together?


The link between yoga and cannabis goes back centuries. In India, both the herb and the ancient discipline have been associated with relaxation, mindfulness, easing suffering, and spirituality. Fast forward to present day, and we human beings are in need of the same things. With legalization, ganja-friendly yoga classes have popped up around the Pacific Northwest and some yogis have revived the connection.  While some yoga teachers are adamantly opposed to the practice, many others claim there are numerous benefits:


  • Aids in relaxation. In the New York Times, veteran yoga teacher Liz McDonald stated: “Disbelief is my biggest obstacle…A little pot relaxes them into comprehending.” This is something I can relate to from my own experience. I felt like a buffoon the first time I did Yoga. My future wife was nailing poses with elegance and grace and I was grunting like a caveman. Probably as flexible too (assuming that cavemen were inflexible because they just ran from predators and didn’t limber up first or after). A good yoga session is relaxing. So is a good bowl. Can you have too much of a good thing? You ever been TOO relaxed? I don’t think so, buddy.


  • Promotes mindfulness. Yoga is all about the connection between mind, body, and spirit. It’s hard to do Yoga properly and reap its benefits without mindfulness. In our busy lives, that can be tough to achieve. You are thinking about that guy at work, Austin, and how he eats hard-boiled eggs at his desk. Really, Austin? That’s like your 4th one today! What do you live on a chicken farm? Anyway, so yeah it’s hard to forget about the stressors in modern life. According to Yogi D, who runs a 420 friendly Yoga retreat, that meditative state is much easier to reach with cannabis, something he learned while studying under a guru in India. For those of us who tend to be worry warts, maybe a little of the good herb is just what the yogi ordered so we can live in the moment?


  • Helps break down inhibitions. For some, the spiritual part of Yoga might be a little too much for them in the modern world. For others a teacher saying “breathe from your toes” might seem a little too ridiculous. My lungs aren’t in my toes! Well, a little THC could release some of those inhibitions and allow you to explore the spiritual connections of the ancient practice. Why not truly lose yourself in the practice? That’s the goal, right? You can’t see your true self if you are too guarded. Cannabis could help you (potentially) break down that barrier.


  • Both are something you should enjoy. We only have a few hours in our day where we can enjoy ourselves. What could be more enjoyable than taking a few hours from the hustle and bustle to treat yourself.


Will you enjoy 420 yoga? At the very least, it’s something that is worth trying. A valuable bit of advice comes from yogi Naomi Fowler when she suggests it’s best to start with a low dose when you begin your journey in pairing yoga with Cannabis. From there, see where the journey takes you. Namaste and toke on, Dreamers![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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