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How to use AVBs:

Discover creative ways to repurpose your already vaporized bud (AVB) and make the most of its remaining THC and CBD content. From making AVB butter and coconut oil to creating AVB capsules, explore these ideas to maximize your cannabis experience without wasting your AVBs. Don't throw out that AVB—experiment and find what works best for you!

What Should I do with my Already Vaporized Bud?

As we have recently discussed, many health-conscious cannabis enthusiasts and those with higher tolerances prefer vaping their weed as compared to traditional smoking. Unlike smoking (which essentially turns your bud to ash) vaping dry herb will leave behind golden brown buds (providing your vaporizer is not heating at too high of a temperature). In cannabis culture, these remnants have two interchangeable nicknames – AVBs (already vaped buds) or ABVs (already been vaped).[1]

While your first instinct may be to dispose of AVBs, this is a terrible mistake! Despite already being vaped, these buds still contain THC and CBD. According to’s Sera Jane Ghaly, as much as 20-30 percent of the THC remains in AVBs. You are wasting perfectly good cannabis! What are you made of, money? Also, if you are just willing to throw money away, why don’t you come give some to me?

Ok so what should I do with my AVBs? Well, funny you should ask. That’s what this post is about! Below are some of the best ideas we have seen for your vaped buds:

  • Make AVB butter. Your vaped buds are perfect for edibles. Since your ABVs have already been heated/activated (a process referred to as decarboxylation) they can easily be used in cannabutter (cannabis-infused butter) that can be used in making edibles or put on a slice of bread.
  • Make AVB coconut oil. The idea behind infused coconut oil is the same idea as cannabutter. Here is a very easy recipe for AVB coconut oil. A very popular way to ingest this oil is to put it in tea. In addition, many who are lactose intolerant or vegan prefer making edibles with the coconut oil in lieu of butter.
  • AVB capsules. Just as it sounds. You can grind up your AVBs and place them into capsules and swallow them. Those who take these capsules often like to put AVB oils in the capsules.
  • Revaporize or Smoke AVBs. As they still contain THC, smoking or vaping AVBs will still affect you, although considerably less than unused buds. When ingested, you will notice AVBs have a different and likely less desired flavor. For that reason, you might want to keep some around for those of your friends who always want to smoke but never seem to kick in. Or, to use in a pinch when you are too lazy to go to Agate Dreams. It will still do the trick after all.

Now you know. DON’T THROW OUT THAT AVB!!! Experiment with your leftovers and see which one of these works for you.  We here at Agate Dreams love to keep our customers happy so keep coming back to the blog to look for more interesting hacks or other great ideas for the best customers in the world (you!).

Toke on Dreamers!

[1] Remember ABC gum? It’s like that, only infinitely times better. Don’t chew ABC gum. Yuck.


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