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Netflix and Kush: Your Strain and Viewing Guide to an Excellent Evening

Discover the perfect strains to pair with popular Netflix shows for an amazing evening of relaxation and entertainment!

Since the advent of television, cannabis has been its perfect complement. After a long day of doing work or pretending to do work, what could be better than a little spliff and a show? A bowl and the boob tube? A pipe and a program? Other things that sound good that I can’t think of at the moment?
Back in the day, you had to watch whatever was on the TV at the time. If there was an infomercial about a food dehydrator or commercials for hemorrhoid cream that might be a part of your viewing experience. Well, guess what friend? You don’t have to do that anymore. With rising costs and a better place to spend that money (Agate Dreams) ditching your cable company and cutting the cord in favor of Netflix is the way to go.
You have a lot of choices with the “Big Red N.” So many choices can be scary… Dear reader, that is where we come in. Below, we have some amazing shows that be can found on Netflix AND a list of strains that would make a perfect pair with your entertainment.  Follow this guide and we guarantee you a fantastic experience or your money back![1]

Show: Master of None
Strain: Blue Boy

Master of None is a show that combines humor with heart as it follows its central character (played by Aziz Ansari) through successes and pitfalls in his work and career. It pairs perfectly with the sativa-dominant Blue Boy. Blue Boy’s focused and uplifting effects will pair perfectly with the dialogue-driven humor and the touching treat of seeing Ansari’s real parents making their acting debuts.

Show: Black Mirror
Strain: Dutch Treat

Black Mirror is an excellent anthology series that examines the darker side of 21st-century society and our growing dependence on technology. With the standalone episodes often set in a not-to-distant dystopian future, this show is designed to have you contemplate deep questions and draw comparisons to our own lives and society.  The Amsterdam-born indica-dominant Dutch Treat should put you in the proper headspace for such a show. The effects and attributes of Dutch Treat should allow you to ponder the deep questions the show poses while easing the anxiety and angst that comes from such reflection. After the show, the strain should allow you to engage in the types of discussion and connection-building that inevitably come with Black Mirror while allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Show: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Strain: Dirty Girl

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a show that focuses on the life of the titular character (played brilliantly by Ellie Kemper) after she is freed from an underground bunker after 15 years and decides to move to New York. While doomsday cults and kidnapping are not normally associated with comedy, this brilliant and original show is highly addictive and deeply funny. Dirty Girl, a Sativa dominant strain with a tart citrusy flavor, pairs well with the Tina Fey and Robert Carlock-created show. The uplifting and energetic effects of the strain will perfectly couple with Kimmy’s relentless positivity and boundless energy.

Show: The Crown
Strain: Royal Kush 

The Crown has been getting a lot of buzz after its strong showing at the Golden Globes. If you haven’t given it a chance yet, now is the time. Masterfully crafted, it tells the story of a young Queen Elizabeth II as she deals with historical events and her role in British politics from 1947-1955 (with future seasons leading us to the present day).  The aptly named Royal Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid that pacts a THC punch that is certainly worthy of its nickname, “The King of the Hybrids.” You will feel like royalty as you appreciate the full body effects leaving you happy, euphoric, and in couch-locked bliss. Yeah, you might miss a few things and may have to rewind a few times, but the strain and show will take your mind off whatever Excel spreadsheet you were plugging away at hours before.

Show: Peaky Blinders
Strain: Super Lemon Haze

Peaky Blinders is a fast-paced and stylish English crime drama set in the streets of Birmingham after World War I. Violent but well-written, the show weaves modern music throughout and its cinematography is almost second to none as far as television is concerned. Super Lemon Haze, with its citrusy taste as well as energizing effects, and this show is a match made in heaven. You might just rise out of your seat and dance or perhaps throw a few jabs yourself. Make sure you don’t hit the lamp. Pro tip: put on closed captions until you get the hang of the Cockney.

Show: 72 Cutest Animals

Strain: Narnia 

Look, prestige television is great and all but sometimes you want to smoke some weed and look at some cute animals. The sativa, Narnia, would be a perfect pair as you look at some cute wittle baby animals. You will be so happy! Imagine you yourself are a little baby penguin… bills to pay? Baby penguins don’t pay bills, man. Act like a snake and wiggle on the ground if you want. Animals are cool.

Show: Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere

Strain: Presidential OG

 The stress of modern life piles upon our shoulders like leaves in the gutter. Our thoughts and anxieties clutter our mind. It’s a Wednesday and we need relief. Bob Ross, sage like art teacher and bringer of calm is the cure for what ails ‘ye. Fire up some indica, Presidential OG, and let the worries roll off your back like water off a ducks backside. It’s just you, the flower, Bob, and a canvas. You’ll forget about your boss (guy is always up in your business and he smells like tomato soup even in the morning!). Hours of bliss as you take the train to the Relaxation Station. Happy Trees. Happy Trees, indeed. 

Well, that’s it dreamers. Go get your Netflix on!


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